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Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Jumps 22 Spots to Become the Best-Selling Vehicle in Europe for Q1 2023

According to newly released data, in the first quarter of 2023, the Model Y has become the best-selling vehicle in Europe. And even more impressively, the Model Y was able to beat not only battery-electric vehicles but also internal-combustion vehicles with a significantly lower starting price.
Joe Rogan Cybertruck

Joe Rogan Calls Bill Gates’ Tesla Short Position “Terrible Choice” After Test Driving Cybertruck in Giga Texas

Over the weekend, Joe Rogan revealed that he test-drove a pre-production Cybertrruck at Giga Texas. Rogan was effusive in his praise of the truck stating that he was impressed by the Cybertruck's design, size, and performance. Rogan also predicted the success of the Cybertruck and said Bill Gates was making "a horrible choice" shorting Tesla stock.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Elon Musk Reminds Tesla Investors of Stock's Remarkable Rise Amid Falling Share Price

Tesla stock has been experiencing wild swings in the last couple of years, with the latest sharp fall coming recently following Q1 2023 earnings results. And now, Elon Musk has advised Tesla investors to focus on the long term by reminding them of the stock's remarkable rise over the years.