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Consumer Reports Recommends These Lower Priced Popular Vehicles

Popular Cars to Avoid and What to Buy Instead Recommends Consumer Reports

Here’s your chance to avoid paying too much for a popular make and model with this new listing of small cars, a range of SUVs, and trucks that although not the highest priced, still qualify as popular cars. Included in the listing are the expensive popular models to avoid and the less expensive popular models that are smarter car shopping alternative choices with some under-the-radar models easily missed.
Surburban vs Excursion vs Escalade

Three Giant SUVs Square Off for an Off-Road Truck Challenge

Which large SUV is the best? That’s the question in a giant SUV square off as the largest used SUVs available are pitted against one another for a “NO-Pavement-Needed” off-road challenge. Be forewarned, this is a multi-episode GO BIG! series of which this is the first episode, but still fun to watch and learn from even if you do not get around to the rest of the series and the final race.