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Having a range extender can be a serious boon to EVs

Range Anxiety Plagues F-150 Lightning, BMW Has Solved That In The i3

Yesterday, Ford unveiled their entry into the EV Truck market, the F-150 Lightning. Many fans were less than enthusiastic about the reported 300 mile range, but in 2014 BMW gave us something that eases those worries substantially; a petrol fueled Range Extender. See the i3 for example! In 2014, it won Green Car of The Year.
Tesla Reverse Summon and Finding Parking Space

Tesla Reverse Summon Could Find Your Parking Space

While Tesla owners remain waiting (and wondering when it’s going to happen) for news about last year’s foretold Tesla Reverse Summon feature, other businesses are producing new tech that just may be Tesla’s answer for helping Tesla owners find parking spaces with FSD (Full Self-Driving Capability) that is surprising simple.
The Mustang Platform has rarely been graced with this kind of power

The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400: An Extreme Drag EV

Called the Cobra Jet 1400 because it’s pushing more than 1400 horsepower to the wheels, the amazing modifications done to the Ford Mustang platform prove that an electric Mustang has truly astounding motorsports potential. This electric dragster had to be toned down to stop itself from melting tires too quickly.
2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 - New Premium Calligraphy Trim

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the most popular models at Hyundai. For 2021, the manufacturer offers significant technical changes as well as a first hybrid version. Today I am reviewing the 2021 Santa Fe's new top-of-the-range Ultimate Calligraphy version that invites you into a sumptuous interior enhanced with quilted nappa leathers.
The Ford Fusion Energi is a reliable, economical vehicle.

The Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid: A Plug-in For The Masses

Ford shocked the world when it released their Mustang Mach E. The pony car moniker attached to an electric SUV is working well for the Blue Oval, but the Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is a much more subdued, but very functional EV that has found itself a very stable customer base. This little hybrid is not a high-performance sports vehicle, but instead a business/commute-oriented sedan.
2021 Ford Bronco IF Design Award

More Than 125,000 Ford Bronco Reservations Have Been Converted Into Orders, With 70 Percent New To Ford

More than 125,000 of the 190,000-plus Bronco two-door and four-door reservations in the United States and Canada have now been converted into orders according to Ford, with more than 70 percent of customers new to Ford as deliveries begin this summer. 2021 Ford Bronco wins illustrious IF Design Gold Award as international firm affirms iconic Bronco ‘redefines the lifestyle SUV.’