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Tesla Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo

Tesla Giga Texas Begins 4680 Cell Production Giving Hope for A 400 Plus Mile Range Model Y

According to leaks citing Tesla cell engineers, today the EV maker has started 4680 battery production at Giga Texas. This is expected to alleviate Tesla's cell constraint and enable the EV maker to launch a Model Y with more than 400 miles of range.
Depending on the Region, Some Cars are More Prone for Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Theft and The Vehicles That Are Targeted Most Often

Ever wonder if your vehicle is among those targeted by catalytic converter thieves? Turns out, some models are a bigger target than others---but possibly not for the reason(s) you think. Here’s a useful listing of which makes and models are targeted with one reveal uncovered that affects the odds of whether you will become a victim.
Tesla Employees

Tesla Received 3 Million Job Applications In A Single Year Thanks To The Elon Musk Effect

Today, Tesla, together with the company's annual impact report announced that in 2021 the EV maker received 3 million job applications. This is in large part thanks to Tesla's charismatic CEO Elon Musk. And suggests in 2021, Tesla received 100 applications per job opening.
Tesla to purchase new land at Giga Berlin for expansion

Tesla Giga Berlin Wants To Buy New Massive Land in Grünheide

Tesla Giga Berlin wants to buy massive amounts of land in Grünheide. The purchase price is unclear. The municipality of Grunheide, where Tesla Giga Berlin is located, must agree and we have the date for the new construction start. I am also going to tell you what this purchase suggests about Tesla's new plans.