March 2021

2021 Cadillac CT5 Exterior

2021 Cadillac CT5 Adds More Technology, Safety and Design Elements

In luxury compact and mid-size sedans it doesn't take much to take a back seat since these are some of the most competitive categories in the car market. In an effort to avoid being sidelined, Cadillac is adding features to its brand new 2021 CT4 and CT5. Among these is Super Cruise semi-autonomous cruise control.
EV charging and minerals for EV batteries.

Tesla and Toyota Work on EV Batteries, but The Race Is for The Minerals

While companies like Tesla, Toyota, QuantumScape and BMW are working on their own electric vehicle batteries, the real race is for the minerals and elements that go in a battery. Now mineral mining companies, like the Green Battery Minerals, are building their own test batteries for electric cars.
Ford Bronco accessories

Ford Partners With More Aftermarket Companies To Expand Options For New Bronco

RTR Vehicles, ARB 4x4 Accessories and 4 Wheel Parts are working with Bronco team to develop and market a wide range of Bronco and Bronco Sport-specific aftermarket components. Four custom Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs featuring parts from the aftermarket companies are on display at the Easter Safari event, along with several other Bronco and Bronco Sport concepts – giving enthusiasts their first up-close look at the all-new lineup.