December 2020

2021 Ford Bronco Two-door and four-door

Ford Bronco Buyers Sent Letter Explaining Delay, Offered $300 Toward Accessories For The Inconvenience

Potential two-door and four-door Ford Bronco buyers will get a consultation with a dealer starting in mid-January through March to build their Bronco and place their order. Job One for the 2021 Bronco doesn’t start until May, which could delay some deliveries into 2022. Ford will offer FordPass credit good toward purchase of Bronco accessories for their patience and understanding.
Aptera Solar Electric Car

Reborn Aptera EV Goes 1,000 Miles on a Charge and May Never Need To Be Recharged

I know that it sounds like science fiction, but even if Aptera only attained half of their vehicle’s amazing claims, it will be a game changing EV. 1000 miles is almost 3 times the range of the impressive Tesla Model 3 Long Range which goes 353 miles on a full charge.