Acura is the luxury brand for Honda in America. Acura's MDX and RDX luxury crossovers are known for their handling prowess. The RL, TL and other sedans in the Acura line are among the quality leaders in their segment.

2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid presents electrifying performance

Electrifying! To impress greatly; thrill. "an electrifying performance" Synonyms: excite, thrill, stimulate, arouse, rouse, inspire, stir (up), exhilarate, intoxicate, galvanize, move, fire (with enthusiasm), fire someone's imagination, invigorate, animate. When weighing RLX Sport Hybrid against the competition, forget everything you think you know when it comes to hybrid performance.

Acura TLX Jewel Eye LED Headlights turn dark into daylight

In a recent night-driving road test of 2015 TLX, Torque News-Acura was astounded by the near-day-light illumination of Acura's latest Jewel Eye LED 5 projector beam headlamp technology. We believe Jewel Eye is the white-brightest and safest night-driving illumination, day-time running light assesory in the automotive world today.