Acura is the luxury brand for Honda in America. Acura's MDX and RDX luxury crossovers are known for their handling prowess. The RL, TL and other sedans in the Acura line are among the quality leaders in their segment.
Dodge performande at Bondurant

TN's Best Performance Car Stories of 2016

Performance cars aren’t the bestselling vehicles in the US, but they are among the most popular in the United States among enthusiasts so today, we bring you the best TorqueNews performance car stories of 2016 – with a look at a variety of different types of performance oriented cars from around the world.

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Ryan Eversley, Acura RealTime TLX GT to assault PWC Sonoma

For me, this weekend is a bit of an anniversary. I sat down for a short interview with RealTime Racing’s P.D. Cunningham 3 seasons ago this weekend, for the beginning of a wild ride that’s witnessed the unprecedented accent of Pirelli World Challenge and Acura racing.

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Acura NSX Sport Hybrid signals shift in makers design directive

One could feel the electricity in the air Saturday night as Acura’s General Manager Jon Ikeda spoke of things to come for Honda’s premium car division. The world’s first design and manufactured in America supercar signals a shift in the makers design directive.

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