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2019 C7 Corvette ZR1 Total Production Numbers In Detail

The mighty ZR1 returned to the throne as a grand finale for the 7th generation Corvette and it was quite a show. Now let's look at the final production numbers for the ZR1 in detail.

The C7 Corvette ZR1 is the most capable Corvette of all time but with the optional ZTK package buyers had to decide if they wanted to dominate the track with more than 950 pounds of downforce and more than 1.15g of lateral acceleration provided by the carbon fiber wing or if they wanted the smaller wing, which allows the ZR1 to be the fastest track car that GM has ever produced with an official top speed of 212 mph. 2,077 people, which is over 70%, opted to keep the ZR1 with the ZTK package option. 2,761 ZR1s, which is almost 95%, were optioned with the 3ZR package. The 3ZR package, just like the 3LT in the stingray, gave you all of the "creature comforts" inside and out. The take rate for 7 speed manual in the ZR1 was quite low at just under 30%, of which 744 were coupes and 140 were convertibles.

When looking at what color choices all of you ZR1 owners picked, more ZR1s were painted Sebring Orange than any other color. 614 Coupes and 197 Convertibles combine for 811 Sebring Orange ZR1s, almost 30% of the ZR1s made. Black (538) and Arctic White (364) were the next heavy hitters for the 7th generation ZR1. The rarest ZR1 color is reserved for Admiral Blue, with a total count of 51. Admiral Blue had 12 convertibles which is tied with Ceramic Matrix Gray for rarest overall ZR1 when looking at coupes and convertibles separately.

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The C7 Corvette ZR1 had less than 3000 examples on the road, meaning it is quite scarce. The C4 ZR-1 had a 6 year run which spanned 1990-95 with a final number of 6,922. During a 5 year run from 2009 through 2013, GM had built 4,684 C6 ZR1s. The C7 ZR1 is much rarer in this category because it only had one 1 year of production. It was quite a successful one because only the first year 1990 ZR-1s had more buyers, with 3,032, in a single production year. The C7 ZR1 marked the highest horsepower and most use of carbon fiber in any Corvette to date, which of course helped with the successful 1 year run.

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For those of you that don't know, the C7 ZR1 was the car built for the end of the 7th generation lineup for Corvette. It was meant to be the C7's "Swan Song" and what a fantastic way to retire the C7 lineup. As reviews came out for the ZR1 all of them quickly noted that all of the issues that plagued the C7 Corvette lineup were fixed for the ZR1, so it gave the hardcore track goers confidence to add one to their collection. You can read more about the problems that the Z06 suffered by checking out a previous story of mine here.

With those issues fixed the car was sure to be a great selling point for the Corvette brand. GM's decision to make it a 1 year run was not initially known by the consumer and would later add to the cars uniqueness and collectibility. This ZR1 is even more "collectable" because of the fact that it is the highest horsepower ZR1, the last of the front engine Corvette, and quite possibly, the last of the manual transmission in a Corvette. If there was ever a collectible Corvette, the C7 Corvette ZR1 is it.

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