The T3 Non-Lethal Response Vehicle (NLRV) from T3 Motion

T3 Motion’s NLRV crowd controller one step closer to RoboCop

T3 Motion has released the T3 Non-Lethal Response Vehicle (NLRV), featuring two guns with the capability to shoot 700 non-lethal rounds a minute. The NLRV is designed specifically to provide law enforcement with humane and safe initiatives to be used for crowd control during riots and violent protests.

The brave souls manning Occupy Wall Street protests had better cover their tails, because this is just a few bits of tech and a remote controller short of RoboCop. Though the guns only fire pepper balls, water balls, dye markers or rubber bullets who really believes these projectiles can’t kill given the right mix of sensitivities, points of impact and other circumstances.

“The T3 NLRV's effectiveness for humane crowd control is based on a threefold approach,” the company states.

First, the semi-automatic, non-lethal launchers are stowed away, but easily accessible in the event of a violent outbreak. Each vehicle carries 10,000 rounds, allowing for prolonged deployments unachievable by an officer afoot. Secondly, high-intensity LED deterrent strobe lights, designed to blind and disorient a rowdy crowd, are incorporated into the vehicle. These lights deliver long-life LED operation coupled to with low energy consumption and were designed with Whelen Engineering. Finally, the vehicle is shielded to protect the officer.

"T3 Motion continues to provide solutions for the modern day law enforcement agency. The T3 NLRV incorporates the core of T3 technologies, capitalizing on our flagship stand-up platform to expand the T3 Series ESV line," stated Ki Nam, T3 Motion CEO. "As the number of global riots and protests increase, law enforcement agencies are adjusting tactical responses to humanely and effectively restore the peace and control the crowd. The T3 NLRV offers agencies the tools to swiftly take control of the situation while preserving the safety of citizens and police departments alike."

The NLVR also features a public address loudspeaker, video recording and bulletproof tires, not to mention swappable high capacity batteries.

The T3 NLRV launch comes on the heels of the mobile T3 Automated License Plate Recognition System (ALPR) announced earlier this year. The T3 ALPR automatically scans license plates, up to 7,500 vehicles per hour, notifying the officer in mere seconds of a wanted plate.

T3 Motion's flagship product, the T3 Series Electric Stand-up Vehicle, on the market since 2006, is world renowned as a cost-effective, clean-technology tactical vehicle. The NLRV model utilizes proven technology known for easy operation, maneuverability and cost-effectiveness, but is specifically designed for crowd control requiring stronger response. Currently, T3 ESVs are deployed in over 180 law enforcement agencies in over 30 countries globally.

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