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A Smart Watch for Christmas: Is an EV Next?

With so many smart watches both on the Android and Apple eco systems, have been sold and many of them were purchased or given away as holiday gifts. Well now what? Can the watch replace the phone? How many apps are on a smart watch? How many things can you actually do with a smart watch?

One thing is for sure, you can get information about your state of charge for your Ford Electric Vehicles. The Ford Motor company has created an app for the android and apply eco system smart watch families that works together with Ford’s SYNC system. The smart watch app is very practical and useful for checking on the status of the car’s state of charge.

The MyFord Mobile app is very helpful. For example, while wearing the watch, a user can identify characteristics of the cars performance. The cars last trips MPG, the total miles driven on the car, and current mapping position of the car.

So right now, I can tell that my car has been driven 74,925 total and the car is fully charged with 17 miles of EV range 236 miles remains of overall travel range.

While there are many other interesting features of a smart watch that I’m not going to cover here, the MyFord Mobile App is a useful tool when you are an EV or PHEV (Electric Vehicle or Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

While some people received Smart Watches for Christmas this year, maybe next year they will get an Electric Car or a Plug in Hybrid Electric Car.

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