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Tell Acura about your 2015 TLX ownership experience

Every first year model run has a glitch or two to iron out. 2015 TLX, a great car by any measure is no exception as new owners report a blemish or two. Here's your opportunity: Tell Acura about your 2015 TLX experience.


Most responding readers enjoy the TLX experience as much as we do. We’d like to leave it at that. But, as the months roll on we find hidden among countless initial consumer accolades a handful of less than glowing reports as to driveway roll-away TLX and at- speed engine cut outs or temporary stalls.

With Thursday's news of Honda's unprecedented $70 million dollar federal fine for delayed injury and death reports; some in direct relationship to the airbag system failure; we've opted to provide a forum for our Acura TLX readers: Tell Acura about your TLX drive and ownership experience.

On Friday,Torque News reader Paul Z, the owner of a 2015 SH-AWD V6 full tech and a 2015 i-4 P-AWS explains: “I purchased my 2015 TLX in October 2014, I purchased 2 of them, 1 four cylinder with technology package,1 six cylinder with technology package. Both have had major issues since I've had them. They've been getting serviced half the time I've owned them.” I've been in loaner cars .. Acura has to do something about this!!!” says Paul Z.

While reader Geek wrote: “We took our TLX 4 tech on an extended trip last weekend, long freeway driving and back roads through small towns. We also did no aggressive driving but I suspect the vast majority of people also do not. The power band is very consistent and going through the gears smooth and essentially imperceptible.

The engine never labored at 75 or 80+ (my bad) with road noise never noticeable and on the back roads the car handled very well. It will be interesting to see how the car will navigate in the roads in snow remains to be seen and would be happy if did not experience that. At the end of our 400 miles of driving my wife and I were pleased with our TLX.” wrote Geek.

Torque news spent a few moments Friday with our go to Honda spokesperson Chris Martin. Chris shared with us that Acura dealers(to date)have not reported a high incidence of engine stall or transmission shifting problems with TLX i-4 8 speed. Are you experiencing mechanically or electronic problems with your TLX?

Chris is a straight shooter; we like him. But Chris can only share with us what he knows. Let’s do Chris and Acura a favor.

Torque News would like to read your comments as to your 2015 TLX ownership and driving experience. Let’s keep it fair and civil. Your thought provoking comment will be read by Acura.


James (not verified)    August 14, 2015 - 5:39PM

I have owned my 2015 TLX for about 30 days. It is my wifes car and it is not driven very much. The other day she was driving and the entire electronic system with crazy. It was binging saying brake system fail (you never want your car to say that going 70mph on the HWY), steering system fail, suspension system fail, and the list goes on. This is the 3rd 4th Acura I have owned and I NEVER experienced this before. Very sketchy. Anyways, I had my wife pull over and we call Acura for a tow to our local dealership. When i got to the dealership I explained the problem to my service adviser and he explained that I was the 4 customer to experience this problem. Basically from what I understand there is a computer issue and Acura must flash the cars computer, reinstall the software and check all the connectors. So far they have had my car for 2 days and they are still working on the issue.

I hope they get this under control.

PB (not verified)    August 21, 2015 - 6:06PM

I have a TLX V6 tech package, this car is vibrating at 60mph. Very disappointing. I was told they would fix but no news for more than 2 mths. Will be my last Acura

chuck harmon (not verified)    September 14, 2015 - 5:59PM

I've got about 700 miles on my TLX AWD, Adv Pkg. Being much impressed with the 240,000 trouble free miles with my TL, I was un-hesitant to buy the TLX. It is supposed to be a performance oriented sedan. I am not asking it to be in the same category as my beloved ZO6 with 505hp; but, the delayed transmission response is frustrating. A full throttle application takes 1.5 to 2 full seconds to deliver the power requested. As much of a disappointment is downshifting when descending hills. I'm a mountain driver from Colorado. Unlike flat landers, I don't simply ride my brakes going down hills, I shift into a proper gear that holds me at the desired mph. Downshifting the TLX seems to put the car into neutral for about 2 seconds before you feel any engine braking. I must brake at the same time I down shift to avoid climbing up the back of the car in front of me.
If this were an automatic transmission-ed car from my youth, I would install a B&M shift kit to provide crisp shifts without lag. For this car, I expect it is a poor job of computer programming!

I have also found the car to exhibit more vibration on grooved stretches of highway than other cars, even my 2004 Accord. I suspected have the lane assist and turned it off to no avail. Reading posts above about the VCM intrigues me. Perhaps; but why worse on rough roads, is it causing a harmonics issue?

In any event, I wish I could re-program the car for responsive shifts, prioritize the "idle" stop in the off position for the default, and perhaps disable the VCM too.

I still really enjoy the car, but it seems that a simple program fix would make it a whole lot better!

Eitan (not verified)    October 12, 2015 - 12:58PM

I purchased a 2015 TLX SHAWD Tech in May 2015. My fifth TL/TLX,. I am one of the unfortunate ones with vibration at 70-80 MPH, sometimes at 65 MPH.. I feel it in the floor, gas pedal and can literally see/feel the passenger seatbelt vibrate. Acura changed my Goodrich tires to the Potenzas with new rims. Minimal improvement.. UHP tires made it worse. This is clearly not a a tire issue. Disappointed with the car. Really turned off that Acura keeps saying this is 'normal' for a $42,000 car. Sorry to say that I'm done with Acura..

Parks McCants    October 12, 2015 - 1:14PM

Welcome Eitan. Sorry for your angst. When you state that " Acura keeps saying that this is normal," are you referring to you dealership service center? Thank you. Wishing you best of luck in resolving this issue.

Eitan (not verified)    October 13, 2015 - 4:25PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

The dealership acknowledged the problem when I took delivery. They balanced the OEM Goodrich tires twice, They then replaced the wheels with OEM Bridgestone Potenzas & new rims. This lessened the vibration, but did not eliminate it. I re-balanced the Bridgestones a second time with no improvement

At my last service appointment., I gave the service tech a copy of all the postings from the Acurazine website in which several TLX owners were complaining about the exact same unresolved vibration at 70-80MPH. Several posters on Acurazine have had Acura regional reps drive their cars. The issue has been acknowledged. Acura has told these people that the vibration is a 'normal driving characteristic' of the TLX, .and they would take no further action. My thinking was to shortcut the dealership's diagnostics, and contact Acura about the issue. They drove the car and could not replicate the vibration; they cannot drive the car faster that 55 mph. If nothing else I have a written record of this unresolved vibration since taking delivery.

Needless to say, Acura has several unhappy customers who just paid $42,000 to $48,000 for a 'luxury' sedan that vibrates on the highway. Acura has turned off a lot of their loyal customers to their brand myself included.

Frankly, I don't have the time to go back & forth to the dealer or start a formal complaint process with Acura. I have leased 5 Acuras over the past 12 years to avoid this very issue.

I think the only resolution is to get rid of my TLX and take the corresponding financial hit. I can't imagine dealing with this issue for another 33 months.

Please feel free to share this email with Acura. I also invite Acura to look at the postings on - "Problems & Fixes". if they want to read in detail about this problem and ill will amongst many TLX owners.

Thanks for letting me vent.

eitan (not verified)    October 13, 2015 - 5:00PM

If you look at, you will see several posts under "Problems & Fixes" of TLX owners with unresolved vibration at 70-80MPH. Acura dealers have rebalanced their tires, replaced tires and rims, without resolving the issue. Several posters on Acurazine had an Acura Regional Rep. drive their cars. The vibration was acknowledged. Acura's response was that the vibration is a 'normal characteristic' of the TLX.

I have had the vibration since I took delivery in May 2015. My dealer has balance my original OEM Goodrich tires, replaced them with OEM Bridgstone Potenzas and new rims. The vibration remains. The dealer wont drive above 55 mph so they claim they cannot feel any vibration.

This is my 5th TL/TLX. I have been loyal to Acura because of the reliability of their product and resolution of any problems that do arise. After all, we are talking about a 'luxury' car that stickers at well over $42,000.

I think the only "resolution" will be to dump my TLX, take a financial hit, and buy one of their competitors cars. I cannot imagine driving the TLX for another 33 months that vibrates on my daily highway commute to work.

Feel free to share this post with Acura . They can read the posts on Acurazine for themselves how many TLX owners have this problem and are extremely upset with Aura.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Janet Kunkel (not verified)    November 5, 2015 - 2:46PM

We purchased our first Acura ever in late July of 2015. We purchased the 2015 TLX V6 AWD with tech. We noticed a rough shift from 2-3 immediately. After driving the car for a couple of weeks, we were informed of the recall for a transmission software update. After that servicing was done, the rough shift from 2-3 was far worse. We returned the car to the dealer to be serviced again. It came back a little better but still not acceptable. After a second return for the same issue, we were told that the car was "performing as designed." That is totally unacceptable for a car in this price range. We then took it to the dealer where we purchased the car which is about 45 minutes away rather than going back again to the dealer where it had been serviced closer to home. We have received a phone call that the car can be picked up and we will get it tonight. The service manager explained what they did and that he thinks it is a little better but admits that it is still not smooth. We have been told that there is no fix for what we are experiencing. We told him that we have done extensive research on this and understand that not every car of this model has this concern. We asked if we just got unlucky in the car we received. Without using those terms, that is pretty much what we were told. We do not plan to stop at this and will continue to seek satisfaction. The car we test drove did not drive like the one we purchased.

sohan khatiwada (not verified)    November 8, 2015 - 4:35PM

I have a 2015 Acura TLX V6 with tech package. My only complaint is with the 9 speed automatic transmission. In the lower gears it shifts abruptly or not at all. Never had this experience in any car I have ever owned. Didn't expect this from a luxury car maker like Acura. Acura needs to step Up to the plate and correct this safety issue. I have been to Acura dealer to complain about this . The dealer where i bought the car told me that there is a software problem, and asked me to give the car a few thousand miles. After about 4 thousand miles I went to the dealer close to my house. I do not know what he did it felt like it was little less. Now at 6000 miles it is back to defective abrupt shift in the early gears. I see above that you have mentioned about Acura replacing the defective transmission. Please let me know, once again, if this is true so that i can give them a telephone call without delay. I will remain much obliged.

Parks McCants    November 9, 2015 - 10:31AM

In reply to by sohan khatiwada (not verified)

Welcome sohan. My transmission replacement comment is in regards to the "park" position failure, and possible roll a way of the car. Thankfully you've not experienced this with your car. Reading your comment, I would suggest that you visit your dealer and inquire about an additional software update. You mention that in the lower gear (at times)the transmission does not shift at all) please expand on this a bit.Are you referring to a delay in shifting? Best of luck.

Manny Arias (not verified)    December 30, 2015 - 8:58PM

Hello, I bought a brand new 2015 TLX AWD with Tech in October 2015 and I am very disappointed. The transmission is very jerky when shifting between 2-3 (low speeds) and jumpy. Also, the car vibrates at highway speeds. The car has barely 2,700 miles and the leather of the seats is already saggy. The sad part of all this is that the dealer says that all this is "normal" (?). I have had many cars before and never been as disappointed as I am with this car. Overall, I think is a poorly designed car and Acura must have paid big $ to all the experts that wrote great reviews about the TLX. Acura technicians sound like a joke when they say that it is the way the car should run and feel. Help please.

Parks McCants    December 30, 2015 - 10:45PM

In reply to by Manny Arias (not verified)

Welcome Manny. Your car should be perfect! Report the dealership service department to Acura. And while doing so, please check this site for any related software updates, recall actions, etc. My experience with TLX has been a positive one. but then again, i don't drive one daily. Wishing you a positive outcome.

Tim Williams (not verified)    January 19, 2016 - 8:32PM

I have been an Acura lover since 1988 (purchased many cars over the years including integra, Vigor, TSX, and now the TLX. All the cars before have been great, however the TLX is the worst car ever. In addition the dealer ship that I have been buying cars from since 1988 (every three years or so new car) has turned me total against the car and the brand. It started with the well know transmission problems and in addition I have the "break break break" warning that goes off from time to time that I have seen described for other Acura models. The dealership does nothing and says that the "logs" don't say that it is happening. The service agent even went so far as to laugh at my wife with respect to the problem. We have even gone through the Honda care people with no help. Needless to say when I turn this lemon in at the end of its lease I will no longer be part of the fading Acura family. I have noticed that Acura is way down in the consumer reports (below even Ford) so I guess that poor quality and customer service has been noticed by many more than just me. If anyone else has had this problem let me know so that I can push to get it fixed. Thanks

Nick (not verified)    January 24, 2016 - 12:31PM

This is my 7th Acura model. I currently own a 14 MDX Tech AWD and an older RL. I leased a 2015 Acura TLX Tech w/FWD at the end of November 2015. I drove it off the dealer lot in November and from day 1 there has been a moderate to heavy vibration. This car has a horrible drive not smooth or luxury feeling at all!. It seems to occur at most speeds but really pronounced between 1400-1500 RPM's at 40-50 mph. I have given my dealer hard copies of your internet comments about the 9 speed trans, VCM and tires issues. My dealer has been very responsive replacing what they determined was a bent wheel and 2 tires(bridgestone potenzas, terrible rated tire, what happen to Acura and Michelin?) This obviously did not solve the vibration problems. In addition to the vibration issues the fuel door malfunctioned and would not close. They have since replaced it. I received an exact same model service loaner from my dealer and it has exactly the same vibration issues! My dealer just informed me that Acura has released new "codes" to hopefully resolve the vibration problems. After telling me that my TLX functions normally, this will be the first time that they have admitted a problem with the TLX and I live 70 miles (one way) from my dealer! After 7 Acuras it obvious to me that Acura has regressed in an attempt to compete in the midsize "Luxury" market. This model is by far the most disappointing Acura I have owned. It has been in the dealers service bay a longer time than I have driven it. I hope that Acura will finally come clean with the vibration issues of this TLX model and expedite resolutions to this problem. If not, unfortunately this will be my last Acura. Thanks for listening.

Nick (not verified)    January 29, 2016 - 12:42PM

In reply to by Nick (not verified)

I just heard from Acura customer relations manager about the vibration issues on my 2015 Acura TLX V6 9 speed. Although Acura recognized the problem woth the VCM and engine mounts, they will do NOTHING about it! After being a loyal customer who owned 7 Acura models over the years this model is terrible. Not a "luxury " ride at all. This is my last Acura.

Nick (not verified)    January 30, 2016 - 11:53PM

I leased this vehicle in late November 2015. The dealer has had it much longer than its been with me. Acura's customer relations manager indicated to me that he spoke with the the regional service manager for the Savannah, GA area and both acknowledged that the 2015 TLX V6 9 speed is having vibration issues. He described the vibrations root causes as engine mounts flaws when the variable cylinder management (VCM) goes from 6 to 3 cylinders causing the vibrations. It occurs at all speeds but is much more pronounced between 1400-1500 rpm's.The service loaner the dealer gave me has EXACTLY the same vibration issues. That being said Acura has decided to report to me that the TLX drive is normal operation as designed. The TLX is marketed as an innovative smooth ride with little vibration luxury vehicle (check out Acura's online video). It truly is just the opposite. The TLX drives like as old pick up truck!. I will never recommend this Acura to my friends, family or associates. This is my 7th Acura model. I have had them all RL's MDX's (currently own a 2014 MDX AWD Tech) TL's, Integra's, and CL's. This 2015 TLX is a major disappointment. I hope for other customers that Acura comes clean and develops a fix for their design and engineering errors. In any event and in consideration of how I have been treated as a loyal Acura customer, THIS IS MY LAST ACURA. thanks for your follow up.

Nick (not verified)    February 9, 2016 - 12:41PM

In reply to by Nick (not verified)

Acura is now sending one of its TLX engineers to meet with me at my dealers (72 miles from my home 1 way) in Savannah, Georgia.This is my 6th trip to the dealer! The TLX has 2,100 miles on it all from dealer trips and dealer test drives. I don't drive the vehicle much. Its just too frustrating! The vibrations at 1400-1500 RPM's (any speed) continue. I can watch the VCM kick on and off by the RPM's and significant vibration. the dealer technician refereed to it as a "slight" vibration. there is nothing SLIGHT about it. I continue to be a very disappointed loyal Acura customer

Nick (not verified)    February 10, 2016 - 10:03PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

what I truly want and need is to have the TLX perform and deliver value as advertised. I will meet with the Acura engineer but at this point, my expectations are very low. After 7 Acuras I never thought I would say that.
I travel extensively for my work renting a different car each week. All of them (including the ones that are half the TLX's price point) perform and ride much better than my 2015 TLX!

Joe Monahanjs (not verified)    February 8, 2016 - 7:22PM

I purchased a 2015 TLX V-6 in March of 2015. One of the first things I noticed was the hard up-shift going from 3rd to 4th gear. I took to the dealer and was told that this up shift is expected with these gears. I lived with it till Febuary 2016 when one morning I started the car and it had a tough time starting. I sat idle in the car for about 5-mins and then the car shut off. I restarted only to find the whole dashboard light up with warnings about brakes, power steering, air bags, engine and so on. I decided I had no choice but to drive to dealer to have it looked. While driving it had a very hard time shifting but I was able to make the 15-min drive with all the warning lights on. After the dealer looked at it they stated I had over 40 failures listed in the computer and were in the process of wiping them out 1 by 1. After this I was told that it just needed a software upgrade which they did. No explanation why it happen in the fist place. Just so happy I was not far from home. So I pick-up the car and everything was back to normal. I then noticed that there was no longer a hard up shift from 3rd to 4th. Wow this is great! Why don't they upgrade everyone's software with have to have a major failure. Then I noticed that I now have a hiccup right before the car comes to a stop. So two problems fixed and one new problem to go. Car is at dealer now so let's see if they can get it right this time.

I have owned 10 Honda's and this is my first official luxury car. So why not stay in the same family of cars and step it up a notch. Big mistake! This will be the last Acura I buy and I can't wait to get out of this lease.

Parks McCants    February 9, 2016 - 12:13PM

In reply to by Joe Monahanjs (not verified)

Welcome Joe. Note: You are driving a computer on 4 wheels: Acura did issue a dealership bulletin some months back directly related to the software issue. However, I agree with you, the car should be dead-on perfect on delivery to the buyer. Please keep us posted as to your experience with TLX. Wishing you safe and trouble free driving.

Cary (not verified)    June 12, 2016 - 12:07AM

I purchased 2015 TLX-sh-awd in Aug 2015 -- The car was a great deal for equipment that came with it. I also had three previous Acuras and never had any issues with them. I wish I would of tested this car more thoroughly on the highway as I was not happy with how it drove. I had the dreaded vibration in the seats starting at 105 km and getting progressively worse to 130 Km -- then smoothed out at 140 and above. The car also hard shifted between 2nd and 3rd. They replaced some of the drivetrain components, new tires, etc etc and none of it helped. In November the car was replaced with a 2016 model. The new car shifts much better and the vibration felt like it was about 80 percent less at the beginning. I have now put about 12000 kms (about 8000 highway) and the vibration is getting more pronounced. Its actally kinda hilarious that the car drives smooth at 140 - 160km/h but shakes at 108 - 135. I have even put the car in neutral and let it idle going downhill at 160 and let it coast all the way down to 100km/h on brand new blacktop and the vibration consistanty shows up at about 135 and gets worse at 120 and then starts abating at 110 and seems to be gone at 95-100km/h. Also I must say that the vibration literaly makes the passenger seat move and the seatbelt buckle flap back and forth enough for it to hit the plastic centre council and when at its worse and I rest my head on the headrest I can literally feel my face vibrate :) Nice for 50000 dollar car. I should also note that this car has the a-spec package on it with 19 Michelin pilot as3. So it is not the 18 inch ls2 tires causing the issue. If acura cant/wont fix it. I will not buy another Honda product

Nick T (not verified)    June 13, 2016 - 10:31AM

Exactly the same issues I have with my 2015 TLX. Its the Variable Cylinder Management System (VCM). It is a major design flaw and the transmission as well. Acura has literally ignored me and their engineers are rude and obnoxious. I am done with Acura/Honda after 7 Acuras. I am ready to trade my MDX for a Audi Q7 and when the lease is up on the TLX it will be my last Acura. I am sorry this is happening to your vehicle as well. It just not right. Acura is strategically going to the wrong direction and all they do is continue to fire their senior management.

onovtec (not verified)    September 28, 2016 - 10:27AM

I am in Canada, and bought a 2015 TLX elite v6 SHAWD model in September 2015. Issues:
- Both the exterior mirror puddle lights burned out in the first month - replaced.
- The elite model comes with a built in auto starter, when you use the auto starter, the heated seats don't randomly turn on - someone else posted a video on you tube. - replaced heated seat control module, seems to be fixed, will test this winter and advise.
- Transmission jerky (9 speed), and takes too long to downshift using paddle shifters.-applied a couple of updates, better, but misses the mark (Acura did not use a Honda transmission, was outsourced to ZF)
- vibration at 110 - 120 kms. you can tell if you have no passenger in the car, look at the passenger seat, it is shaking. -- This one they still don't know the fix in Canada, and the car is 1 year old now. completely not acceptable.
- Rear deck vibration - had a good tech, the headliner was vibrating excessively, they have a tsb for this fix.

Parks McCants    September 28, 2016 - 12:47PM

Welcome onevtec. Thank you for your comment. It reads like you're on your way to sorting out any short comings as to overall TLX quality and performance issues. Please keep us posted as to your stated vibration issue. Thank you.