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Tell Acura about your 2015 TLX ownership experience

Every first year model run has a glitch or two to iron out. 2015 TLX, a great car by any measure is no exception as new owners report a blemish or two. Here's your opportunity: Tell Acura about your 2015 TLX experience.


Most responding readers enjoy the TLX experience as much as we do. We’d like to leave it at that. But, as the months roll on we find hidden among countless initial consumer accolades a handful of less than glowing reports as to driveway roll-away TLX and at- speed engine cut outs or temporary stalls.

With Thursday's news of Honda's unprecedented $70 million dollar federal fine for delayed injury and death reports; some in direct relationship to the airbag system failure; we've opted to provide a forum for our Acura TLX readers: Tell Acura about your TLX drive and ownership experience.

On Friday,Torque News reader Paul Z, the owner of a 2015 SH-AWD V6 full tech and a 2015 i-4 P-AWS explains: “I purchased my 2015 TLX in October 2014, I purchased 2 of them, 1 four cylinder with technology package,1 six cylinder with technology package. Both have had major issues since I've had them. They've been getting serviced half the time I've owned them.” I've been in loaner cars .. Acura has to do something about this!!!” says Paul Z.

While reader Geek wrote: “We took our TLX 4 tech on an extended trip last weekend, long freeway driving and back roads through small towns. We also did no aggressive driving but I suspect the vast majority of people also do not. The power band is very consistent and going through the gears smooth and essentially imperceptible.

The engine never labored at 75 or 80+ (my bad) with road noise never noticeable and on the back roads the car handled very well. It will be interesting to see how the car will navigate in the roads in snow remains to be seen and would be happy if did not experience that. At the end of our 400 miles of driving my wife and I were pleased with our TLX.” wrote Geek.

Torque news spent a few moments Friday with our go to Honda spokesperson Chris Martin. Chris shared with us that Acura dealers(to date)have not reported a high incidence of engine stall or transmission shifting problems with TLX i-4 8 speed. Are you experiencing mechanically or electronic problems with your TLX?

Chris is a straight shooter; we like him. But Chris can only share with us what he knows. Let’s do Chris and Acura a favor.

Torque News would like to read your comments as to your 2015 TLX ownership and driving experience. Let’s keep it fair and civil. Your thought provoking comment will be read by Acura.


Parks McCants    March 5, 2015 - 7:05PM

In reply to by Bob Lewis (not verified)

Welcome Bob. That's a bit disheartening. Check back in with us a couple of days with a report as to the corrections made, and, if you experience any "real" difference in the performance of the car.
Thanks for your comment, and better days.

Parks McCants    August 3, 2015 - 11:18AM

In reply to by Jyellin (not verified)

Welcome Jyellin. True, that's how the transmission is designed to work. By shortening the 'distance' between gears, torque is 'flat' (no drop off of torque) throughout the gear range. You can achieve similar results trough turbocharging. What you have described improves TLX and MDX performance while driving through the city at lower speeds. This technology results in higher city fuel economy and a a quieter drive and ride experience. Thank you for your thought provoking comment.

Joe Muse (not verified)    March 7, 2015 - 10:41AM

I took ownership of my TLX V6 Tech in mid September and I have absolutely had no problems at all. I am very happy with my car. It's a nice, quite ride and I love having the 290 hp at my disposal when needed. I waited several years for the TL body style to be updated and I am happy with my decision to go with the TLX. It saved thousands of dollars from the other German automobiles I was considering.

Tim (not verified)    March 7, 2015 - 9:01PM

Follow up to my above post, a new transmission issue that happened three times in the past week. When the car is not fully warmed up after just a few minutes of driving, when trying to take off from a dead stop, step on the gas, the engine revs to almost 5,000 RPM and the car goes nowhere - like you are on ice, or as if it had slipped into neutral. Fortunately it happened within the industrial park where I work with little traffic. If I was trying to jump into traffic I would have been slammed. Not good.

Josh (not verified)    March 9, 2015 - 12:40PM

I've had a new v6 TLX tech package for a couple months now. I put a lot of miles on my vehicle so I'm already at 10k. So far I love it, it handles awesome I was close to buying a Lexus IS350 and GS350 but the IS was uncomfortable after test driving it only 40 miles and the GS felt like a boat. The look is great, I totally disagree with one posted saying to change, I believe when the TL switched from 07-08 or somewhere around there it got ugly for a few years. This model is a keeper I get a lot of compliments. I have one frustration and one concern. The gadgets frustrate me a little bit, I had an 05 TL and I don't feel it has come a long way with responsiveness and it seems harder to get things done than the older TL. I also don't remember having to push the speech recognition button twice in the old TL, it is annoyingly slow. But the sound system is awesome, the navi is same as always. I don't really know if I like the forward warning yet as I drive rather aggressive and it goes off on me too much but I'm guessing that can be turned off if I wanted. On to my concern, I really hope this engine keeps to Acura history and lasts to 300k because I will hit that in 5 years. I went with this because of the gas mileage which I just found out the drive options, econ, standard sport actually make a difference. I figured it mainly just changed the get up and go from start and on the interstate it wouldn't make a difference. Well I was wrong. Econ has increased my gas mileage from 29 average to 33 average which is what I got in my 2013 ILX.. Not an ILX fan by the way on that model stick to Honda, the TLX is a true Acura quality car. Anyway I hope everyone gets their issues taken care of, I've had some gear skip problems in my old TL but I drive so hard that I consider it normal if it's once or twice a year. The TLX drives smoother and is much more comfortable than any car I've owned and I've had a lot of them.

Doug (not verified)    March 26, 2015 - 4:26PM

I just bought 2015 tlx 4cyl with navagation package, it has less than 200 miles on car and has started shifting really hard. When it downshifts it is almost slamming into gear, sometimes you put accelerator to the floor and engine just revs and car sits there, I am scared to even pull out into traffic. I googled the problem and first saw the class action lawsuit ( just for this problem ) then found this site. I now have to drive a hour away to drop car off , this is ridiculous on a car that is less than 3 weeks old and for what I paid.

Parks McCants    March 26, 2015 - 7:00PM

In reply to by Doug (not verified)

Good day Doug. I find fault with some sales people not educating the end user as to the proper operation of the active safety systems, and exceptional 8 speed dual clutched automated transmission: Here's my point; The 8 speed transmission is a new technology and subsequent "shift" feel. Think of it as a "manual" transmission that's been automated; that's what it is. When do you encounter this "hard" shifting behavior? Are you in Drive or Sport mode? When pulling out from a stop: does this occur after engaging the paddle shift? I've put hundreds of miles on TLX 1-4 and currently 2016 ILX A-SPEC; with identical transmission technology; yet to encountered what you and others have described here. Help your fellow readers out with a bit more description... Thank you.

Doug (not verified)    March 26, 2015 - 7:53PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

I will help fellow readers out , something is wrong with transmission, software controlling shift sequence etc... I have drove sports cars with numerous transmission types since 1981 and if I cant drive the TLX properly how can you expect a person with just normal driving experience operate vehicle? If you have to be " trained" by salesperson to operate this vehicle , something is way off. To answer your questions,
It does not matter sport , normal .
I do not operate paddle shift.
You leave from dead stop and put accelerator to floor in drive and it revs high rpms and does not move. Just like a race car does with a high stall speed converter does off the line, but unlike many of these cars I have drove the vehicle would not move, I let off accelerator and pushed again and it started moving. This is a safety issue , period.

It is funny , I test drove car and it drove fine. I drive it for 2 weeks and no problems , then one day it just starts doing this and its operator error. I am taking car in for service , I have read a software upgrade notice went out in Feb/15 on this car, maybe at that time I can get a salesperson to come out and train me on how to operate and anticipate the tight shift pattern on a 8 speed transmission.

Cindy Watson (not verified)    April 9, 2015 - 9:57AM

I have a lot of issues with the transmission, mentioned by a lot of people. I also have a very noticeable clunk sometimes when I put it in gear. It is not consistent.

Albert (not verified)    April 12, 2015 - 3:07PM

I'm leasing a 2015 Acura TLX V6 Base and the car is great in every way except for the transmission. Going from 2nd to 3rd has a very pronounced kick and does not feel normal in a luxury sports type car. Is
Acura working on a solution or it is what it is?

Parks McCants    April 14, 2015 - 12:28PM

In reply to by Albert (not verified)

Welcome Albert. I'm assuming that you're referring to the ZF 9 speed? Resetting the shift point should be a software fix. Does the "hard" shift occur at all speeds? Or only under aggressive acceleration? If so, what mode do you normally drive in? When did you lease the TLX ?(production month)Thanks.

Albert (not verified)    April 14, 2015 - 12:38PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

Hello and thanks for the welcome. Yes I am indeed referring to the ZF 9 speed. The shift from 2nd to 3rd is hard regardless of selected IDS setting or my driving style. I cannot remember a smooth shift from 2nd to 3rd. In addition to this I am starting to notice that going from a stand still sometimes feels like the transmission is slipping at the very beginning of take off until the car begins to move. Yesterday I felt the transmission shift up a couple gears for no reason at all on a straight road and the car shook. My VIN number is 19UUB2F30FA013571 does that answer your question about the production date? Yes I leased.

Susan (not verified)    June 18, 2015 - 11:39AM

1000 miles on my new TLX V6 with tech package. Overall very happy with the car. I love driving it, but I do have to ask about feedback on the navigation system compared to prior years. I HATE IT !! This is my 5th TL and this navi is so different from my 2013. The 2015 to me is not user friendly at all. Not so much in setting a destination but in utilizing the screen, it looks like it's hand drawn and very few of the street names are marked. I travel a lot and really depend on it to bypass a road block or avoid traffic patterns quickly. Can't do it because the streets aren't named, even in the minimum radius area setting. It is annoying enough to me that I will definitely look into a different make car next time. Thanks for letting me vent.

Parks McCants    June 19, 2015 - 7:43PM

In reply to by Susan (not verified)

Welcome Susan. May I suggest that in lieu of dumping the car... Tap on Acura's shoulder and request an upgrade to the newly released Smart-Phone navigation integration. Just a thought. Yes, I have personally found the touchscreen, voice command personal connectivity interface to be problematic. And, I agree with you... It should be perfect! Note: I find this problem to very in degree from car to car. please have your dealer service department check it out. That's what the warrenty is in place for. Wishing you safe and happy driving.

Melissa R. (not verified)    June 21, 2015 - 11:35AM

I bought my 2015 acura tlx may 1st 2015. 3 weeks into driving it I started noticing very hard shifts on 1-2&3-4 and hard downshifts when coming to a complete stop making my car "lunge" forward. Along with that issue I have had 3 really scary incidents when being on open road(45 mph) and/or stop light .The transmission will be in 3rd gear and as you drive the rpms jump to 5-6,000 and slows the car down without being able to accelerate. It's as if your driving normal and the car goes into neutral! First time it happened cars started closing in on me ready to rear-end me and there was nothing I could do. it takes about 10-15 seconds to finally catch on and switch gears back. the last 2 times the same thing happened and I was able to get off the side of the road . I had to switch car off then restart to get out of the issue. All 3 times I have had my kids in the car. I am sadden to learn that I am not the only one who is experiencing these issues and it is a very dangerous situation. I am very concerned it is going to happen to me while I am trying to go through an intersection , and im not going to be able to get through it quick enough without being hit or possibly killed!! I have brought it in to acura and they have tried to replicate it but have not been able to. the recognize the hard shifts but I was told there is nothing they can do as of this time.. It is not hard to find out that this is a serious safety issue , with it being all over the internet and a class action lawsuit going on right now for the same reasons. Acura has to step up and fix this. These are people's lives at risk . I am so disappointed because the car is really beautiful and should not have this as issue.

Parks McCants    June 22, 2015 - 9:58PM

Welcome Melissa. Hold your dealership service department accountable. While you r experience may be rare ( based on our reader feedback,) it remains a legitimate concern. Best of luck and thank you for commenting. Note: The information in this article is months old. According to my inside connections at Acura, the majority if not all of the original recalled vehicles have been tested, and if required repaired.

Bill Malcolm (not verified)    July 28, 2015 - 3:21AM

I don't have a clue who Parks McCants is, but Clueless One may be his other name. What is this, the Official Acura We've Never Heard Of These Complaints Before forum?

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and visit, and get your pals at Acura to do likewise. It would be an education both for you and them. Both the 8 speed DCT and the 9 speed ZF are dreadful transmissions. Then there's the dreaded Highway shake.

Luckily for me, the problems people speak of happened on my test drives, so I was lucky enough to escape buying one. I'm a mechanical engineer, and I like responsive cars - I drive a Subaru Legacy GT, but had the want, not need, to buy a nice new car.

The nice Acura salesman, newly graduated from being a mechanic, first put me in a 4 cylinder TLX. The engine felt like 24 frantic gerbils, and the transmission banged through gears great at first. Then in traffic, everytime I came up behind someone, a giant orange BRAKE sign told me to
do what I was already doing. Ridiculous. The front warning collision went off AFTER the little old lady with dog had already crossed the road as I waited at the stop sign, on a side street with no other traffic. Ridiculous.

I'd had enough, so told the salesman I needed to get this leadass car back to the dealership. Turning left in front of oncoming traffic, I rolled along at maybe 2 or 3 mph waiting for a break, when it came, I goosed it and nothing! Not a damn thing. There I am pedalling the accelerator like mad, and finally a clunk as some gear or other I engaged, with the salesman yelling at me to get going as traffic bore down on his side. So we made it. Just.

I insisted on a chat with the dealer GM. The salesman backed me up. Apologies all around. Would I like to try a V6? So against my better judgement, I said yes. That thing would peel rubber off the right hand front wheel if you goosed it from a stop - zero traction. My brain says - what about winter? So we got on the highway, and the thing vibrated at 65 mph, felt like from the rear. Everything going through some repetitive cycle of vibration. It wasn't the wheels, trust me, I've been driving for 45 years. Salesman agreed there was vibration - he could feel it.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, they offered a SHAWD for a test drive. No obvious problems except jerky shifts, and this one was okay on the highway. Give it a kickdown test, and nothing happens for two seconds, just like the Chrysler 200 V6 AWD with the same crappy ZF 9 speed acted like, which is why I tried the test. So then I tried it on some quiet roads I know. The tires squealed at moderate speed, a sports sedan this thing is not. Also, why does it have pushbuttons for the transmission selector, but no way to hold a gear? Useless.

I then received a lecture that this was the future of cars. Not for my future, I replied, my car is twice this pile of junk. On the way, home, dropped into the Audi dealer and drove an A3 AWD. Faster, more responsive, altogether better than the Acuras, but about on par with my car, so no point trading.

It's a pretty poor excuse of a car, the TLX, in my opinion. So bad, I joined to watch the fallout. And I was correct. TSB's and updates all the time, and this a brand new car!

Time to remove the stars from your eyes, and recognize this thing for what it is, an underdeveloped sedate sedan with only two redeeming features: it's quiet, and it gets great gas mileage. And that's about it.

I thought Honda made decent cars but had never owned one or driven an Acura. The Accord has a vertical ride vibration problem on smooth roads, so count that thing out - it's a head bobbler. So, my summary of this company is that they are clueless. Maybe the average prole would never notice, but anyone with a feel for cars knows it sure ain't much good.

If you have the cojones to print this, I'll probably laugh my head off at the silly reply. What, you think all the people above who took the time to post are all having some kind of delusion? As an engineer, I'm telling them what they are experiencing is true. It all happened to me.


Parks McCants    July 28, 2015 - 8:44PM

In reply to by Bill Malcolm (not verified)

Bill, you're certainly entitled to share your Acura TLX drive experience here, that's the purpose of this Forum. As to who I am: I'm an internationally read and(generally) positively aclaimed automotive review journalist. I too hold a rather extensive background in structural (Civil) and automotive, mechanical engineering. I'm not directly connected to American Honda Motors or Acura Division. The opinions expressed here, by me, are based on extensive drive review of Honda and Acura Division cars and light trucks. You may take it or leave it! I'm often featured in the forum community. So Bill, you take care, and best of luck in locating the perfect car for you!

Sandie (not verified)    August 12, 2015 - 2:05PM

Bought a 2015 Acura TLX with AWD Tech and Advanced Package. It has 4, 500 miles on it. It just quit on me driving down the road!!!! how dangerous is this. it has been in the shop 3 days and they can't figure it out. it just started slowing down and then quit. They recharged the battery and restarted it but it is still running rough. What is wrong!! did i buy a lemon?

Sandie (not verified)    August 13, 2015 - 12:35PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

They found the problem. The fuel pump had liquid around it (car not getting fuel) and the connector to the wire harness was melted. Needs to be redesigned at the very least, but how and why could this happen. Just replacing the wire harness is not necessarily going to fix the problem. They hauled it to Spokane as we don't have an Acura dealer in MT. I am still waiting to hear from case manager to see if I can get a loaner and how will I get my car back???? I have been 4 days now without a vehicle.

Parks McCants    August 14, 2015 - 12:18PM

In reply to by Sandie (not verified)

Good morning Sandie. Yours is the first fuel-pump related problem posted to this owners forum. I've checked recall list for your problem, there is none. Frustrating! Hang in there, hopefully your car will be returned to very soon. Thanks for the update.