Volvo Launches New Service For Life Program

Volvo has just upped the service game by offering an all-new program that takes the cake, as the Swedish automaker will give owners lifetime-scheduled maintenance, but this plan is a little different than what many are used too.

Over the last few years, Volvo has taken the service game to new levels and now, Volvo will offer owners of late model Volvos complimentary software updates, diagnostic checks and a two year parts warranty for all items that are purchased through its dealer network.

The program will go by the title, Service for Life, and it applies to nearly all Volvo models made over the last 10 years. In the old days, before this new plan, the automaker’s dealers could charge up to $100 for a diagnostic check. At that price, Volvo was right in line with other automakers, but now, owners of Volvo models can get this service done for free.

Of course, there are some issues with this new plan. Volvo’s new plan covers all vehicles made created, but only vehicles made after the year 2000 can get free diagnostics, but there are some exceptions, such as the 2000-2004 C70s, 2000-2003 S40s and 2000-2003 V50s. That being said, these exceptions will only miss out of the free software downloads.

Volvo’s new Service for Life program is good for any of its covered products, even if the vehicle is in its second and third owner. This should help the resale value of these vehicles if second owners can get the same sort of service as a first owner.

On top of all this, Volvo will offer roadside assistance at a lower price; so don’t fret about calling that number on the window if something goes wrong. This new plan only works for those that are outside of the roadside assistance coverage plan.

While this new plan won't help new car sales, the automaker does offer a very comprehensive service plan that just might. This plan offers 5 years and 60,000 miles of complimentary factory scheduled maintenance, along with numerous other coverages that should give the automaker a leg up on the competition.


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