Volvo Could Bring V60 To US With Hybrid Engine

Volvo, a company known for safety and practicality, might go green with their next V60 station wagon.

With the death of the V70, Volvo is left without a station wagon in the United States for the first time in years. Of course, this might not be a bad thing, as wagons have yet to catch on, despite fantastic products from numerous automakers.

Volvo’s unique situation will change later this year when the S60-based station wagon arrives in the United States. Now, the V60 has yet to be confirmed for the United States market, but chances are it will make its way over, as wagons are a vital part of Volvo’s image.

Swedespeed managed to speak with Volvo this month at the Detroit Auto Show and managed to get new CEO, Stefan Jacoby, to hint that a hybrid engine might be arriving with the V60. The Volvo head boss said that the car is an “enthusiasts” vehicle that will draw Volvo traditionalists away from other manufacturers.

Volvo previously stated that its first hybrid offering would have a range of 745 miles on a full tank of fuel, while just emitting 50g/km of C02. These expectations are quite high and chances are, in order to achieve them, Volvo will use a small engine with a powerful electric motor.

"We move into the future with the aspiration to design vehicles with minimized environmental impact, as well as the ambition to produce the world's safest cars," Stefan Jacoby said in an official statement.

Volvo currently offers the V50 wagon, but the only model currently offered in a turbocharged variant. As a replacement for the old V70, the automaker sells the XC70, which is a taller version of the old wagon.

Volvo will likely release some information on the hybrid version of the V60 when the Geneva Motor Show approaches next month.


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