Volkswagen May Create Seven-Seat SUV For US

Volkswagen is in the process of changing their product lineup. What’s the reason for this you might be asking? Well, the German automaker is taking after their homeland and will try to dominate the world, just this time in the auto sales department. This is, without a doubt, a bold move, but one that the automaker feels it can accomplish and will do so with the help of a new seven-seat SUV.

While this might not be the best time to create a large vehicle, Volkswagen aren’t listening to reason, as they might be introducing a seven-seat SUV into their lineup very soon.

This new model would be a cheaper version of the Touareg that will be aimed, like most of VW’s new products, at the American market. Volkswagen has already given the United States two vehicles that are aimed at its population, the new Jetta and Passat. Each of these vehicles was cheapened up to lower prices and it has yet to be seen how this new approach will work for the company.

After test-driving the Jetta, it’s clear that it was built to a budget, but it still drivers fairly well and should sell in large numbers.

According to Auto Express, this new SUV might be coming to the United States and it would be built at the company’s new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This will mean that the SUV will be produced along side the new Passat.

It’s clear that such a vehicle would be one of the key machines in the company’s plan to increase United States sales from 256,830 last year to 800,000 by 2018.

Not much else is known at this point about the new SUV, but it might have company on its trip to this country. According to the website, Volkswagen could bring the Polo to the United States, but the Up! will not be coming across the pond.


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