Toyota To Use Turbochargers In Most Vehicles

Toyota – a company not known for performance machines – plans to introduce eleven new or redesigned hybrid vehicles by 2012, but that doesn’t mean they are letting their regular vehicles die out.

Toyota is planning on adding some turbochargers and direct fuel injectors to their vehicles

"In the next five years, the general trend is downsizing of engines and the use of turbochargers," Takeshi Uchiyamada said in an interview with Autoweek. "Another development will be direct fuel injection."

These engine additions will be added to most vehicles, even the Camry and the Corolla.

On top of these changes, Toyota will add new features like start-stop technology, which saves fuel by turning off the engine when the vehicle is stopped.

Toyota will need these new innovations to stay ahead of the attack from Korea. This year, Hyundai’s Sonata has made waves in the automotive world with its turbocharged four-cylinder motor that puts out as much power as a V6, but gets brilliant mileage.

As of now, there has been no word on which model will get these upgrades first.

Source - Autoweek

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