Toyota To Show FT-86 Sports Coupe In Geneva

Toyota has certainly had an eventful day. First, a massive recall involving 1.7 million vehicles was announced and now, in what appears to be an attempt to divert attention, the Japanese automaker has released a preview of the FT-86 sports coupe.

With Subaru announcing the arrival of their FT-86 at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota had to follow suit by confirming that the sports car would be in Geneva with the Subaru.

The version will be called the FT-86 II and it will be an upgraded version of the vehicle shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The coupe on display should be the best glimpse yet of what the real production vehicle will look like.

“The 2011 Geneva motor show will mark the premiere of a new evolution of the FT-86 sports concept vehicle presented for the first time at the 2009 Tokyo motor show. The FT-86 II concept will give the clearest indication yet of the final design for Toyota's next sports car,” the company stated in a press release.

With the Toyota FT-86 II, the Japanese automaker will try and revisit past sports car ventures. The car is suppose to prove that the company has a “reborn passion for sports car driving” and one can hope that this statement is true. After all, driving a Camry or Corolla is about as exciting as mowing the lawn or – due to current weather conditions – shoveling snow.

That being said, it’s only recently that Toyota has lost its way. Years ago, driving enthusiasts had the Celica, Supra and even the legendary 2000GT to choose from. Now, by no means can one assume the FT-86 II will be like the 2000GT, but hope springs eternal.

There have been reports that the FT-86 II will wear the Scion badge, but that has yet to be confirmed. Reports are also swirling around that the rear-wheel drive coupe will cost $25,000.

Whether it’s a Scion, Toyota or even a Lexus, the FT-86 II might be the most important sports coupe that the automaker has ever launched and it might be needed soon to save the company’s reputation.


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