Toyota Prius Minivan Gets Interior Teased On Facebook

Today, Toyota has just released an image of the new Toyota Prius minivan's interior on Facebook. The minivan version of the Prius will be the first offspring of the legendary hybrid that has sold millions throughout the world.

Facebook seems to be the place to go for the latest in automotive news and Toyota has finally caught up to what companies like Ford already knew. The new Prius minivan will be a big step for the Japanese automaker, as it will be the first hybrid minivan to go into production.

We expect to see it for the first time at the Detroit Motor Show, but until then, we will have to make due with this small teaser. From what we can tell by the photo, the materials look improved, as is the design from the base Prius. One important thing to note is what's being displayed on the navigation screen. From what we can tell, it's iheatradio, a streaming audio network that smart phone users will instantly recognize.

We look forward to seeing this machine in person in Detroit.

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