Toyota FT-86 Sports Coupe To Go By Scion FT-S

Rumors are swirling around that link the Toyota FT-86 with the Scion FT-S nameplate. It has been known that the Toyota would wear a Scion badge, but only now has a name surfaced.

Some time ago a rumor began circulation that stated the new Toyota FT-86 would get a Scion badge, which makes perfect sense considering what the auto brand was suppose to be when it was launched by Toyota, a youth oriented marquee.

While that rumor appears to be fact at this stage, one is still left wondering if the sports coupe would actually go by the name FT-86, or if it would get some fancy and highly creative name like tC or xB. Well, according to Toyobaru, the new coupe from the Japanese automaker will be known as the Scion FT-S.

The new Scion FT-S will make its debut at the New York Auto Show with, what many think will be a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, not the rumored 2.0-liter. Power will be sent to the rear wheels and Toyota is planning on marketing this vehicle to the drifting crowd, if there is one in the United States worth pursuing.

The Scion FT-S' brother, the Subaru sports coupe, will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show. Rumors are a fickle thing and it now seems that the Subaru will arrive in Geneva packing all-wheel drive, not the rear-wheel drive setup that was once suggested. This should help Subaru’s version differentiate itself from the Scion FT-S.

If we are going to take the rumors one step further, there are some going around that suggest Subaru might be working on an STI version of, whatever it is their coupe is going to be called. Spy shots that have been taken of the car show a front-mounted intercooler and bulging hood, suggested that some sort of turbocharged boxer engine with 300 horsepower lives inside.

The Scion FT-S - or Toyota FT-86 - will likely cost around $25,000 but it’s anybody’s guess as to the price of the Subaru. Both should arrive in dealerships around 2012.


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