Toyota Crash In Utah Reopens Unintended Acceleration Case

Just when you thought the Toyota unintended acceleration was through, a recent accident has reopened the case.

According to the AP, on November 5, a 66-year-old Paul Vanalfen was driving his 2008 Toyota Camry when it collided with a stop sign and then into a rock embankment and he and his son's 38-year-old fiance were killed. The AP is reporting that, based on skid marks, it was vehicle malfunction.

Reports indicated that the Toyota might have accelerated into the sign, even though the brakes were engaged. The skid marks at the scene of the crash have led investigators to believe that was a case of vehicle malfunction.

The Camry in question had been through three recalls and Toyota say that it’s a bit too early to draw conclusions.

Those familiar with the Toyota case will remember the scandal that followed the Japanese automaker. In 2007, around 55,000 vehicles were recalled, but that grew in 2009, as a total of 5.5 million vehicles were recalled.

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