Top Ten Worst Speed Trap Cities

America is known for its speed traps, but it seems there are places in the country that really stand out.

Speeding tickets are just a fact of life that drivers around the country are going to have to get used too. Sadly, it seems things have gotten worse, as the economies of many cities are crumbling, which in turn, have turned them into speed traps.

"Speed limits are supposed to be based on factual studies of traffic and what the majority of motorists deem as a safe speed," said Chad Dornsife, director of the Highway Safety Group. "Now, the posted limit has become a revenue generator—not a safety device."

CNBC did some research to figure out the top ten worst cities for speed traps and the results are not at all surprising. According to the National Motorists Association, speeding tickets are a $4.5 to $6 billion industry in the United States and these ten towns are the largest players.

Coming in at number ten is Los Angeles, California, the home of the Fast and Furious and numerous traffic jams on every paved surface. The report states that Los Angeles is a great example of speed limits not matching the traffic patterns. Most of the speed traps are on the boulevards in the valley and according to one citizen, the speed limit might be 35, but if a motorist is driving at that speed, the police will step in.

The metropolises that are Chicago and Dallas come in at ninth and eighth for numerous reasons. In Chicago, the city uses red-light cameras to hunt down drivers, while in Dallas, the city issues tickets to drivers that are two or three miles per hour over the speed limit.

Orlando, Florida comes in at number seven, while Denver, Colorado, comes in at number six. In Orlando, the city installed red-light cameras, which in the first three months of use generated 700 tickets. In the Mile High City, cameras are used, but they have other ways of nabbing unsuspecting drivers, such as pulling over motorists for crossing the white lines on the interstate.

Jacksonville, Florida is fifth due to numerous police vehicles parked on the highway, as well as tickets issued for going 5 mph over the speed limit. Many have stated that the streets lack speed limit signs and even if they’re present, some are rather small.

Colorado Springs is one city that was a bit of a shocker, as they pull over motorists for going 1-4 mph over the speed limit. CNBC reports that Colorado Springs drivers write on that often police use unmarked vehicles, making it difficult to spot them on the highway.

Las Vegas and Austin, Texas, come in third and second in the list, while the number one worst speed trap city in the United States is Houston, the third city from Texas on the list.

“Drivers note on that there are traps set at the Houston city limits and near attractions like the Astrodome. And, the speed limit can change rapidly and dramatically. One motorist wrote that entering the city on Highway 59 North, the speed limit dropped suddenly to 55 from 70. Just as the motorist noticed the speed-limit change on his GPS, BAM! There was a speed trap,” according to CNBC.

So, if you ever find yourself traveling to one of these cities, do be careful and always obey the laws.

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