Subaru Teases With Sports Car Image

Subaru has released a teaser photograph of the boxer engine inside a sports car frame, as the company prepares for the Geneva Motor Show.

Over the years, Subaru has defined themselves by two very unique characteristics. The first of which is all-wheel drive, as every Subaru model that comes off the line has power going to all four wheels. The second key feature is the boxer engine, an interesting take on the typical inline motor.

In their newest venture with Toyota, Subaru might be giving up on the former of those two – although it hasn’t been confirmed - with its new sports car platform, but the automaker will never abandon the horizontally-opposed engine configuration.

“The SUBARU "BOXER Sports Car Architecture" embodies the technology concept of Subaru's Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car, currently under joint development with Toyota Motor Corporation. It also represents a proposal of Subaru's new platform technology, build around its key component – the Horizontally-Opposed Subaru Boxer engine.”

Spy photographers have seen the Subaru sports car, which is like the long lost twin of the Toyota FT-86, on occasion, but the coupe has been well hidden compared to its Toyota counterpart.

Subaru and Toyota are expected to unveil their own versions of the sports coupe at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and to increase awareness and excitement; Subaru has launched a unique teaser shot.

The teaser appears to be a boxer engine that has been placed inside of a very futuristic looking sports car frame. That’s about it really, as not much else can be deciphered from this image.

Subaru will open a special website in the afternoon on the company’s global site. It will feature information updates relating to the Geneva Motor Show and include a movie of the press conference that will be held in Switzerland.

There have been reports of a Subaru STI version of the sports coupe, as numerous photographers have seen such the machine, albeit covered in camouflage, on the road.


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