Sebastian Vettel To Stay With Red Bull Racing Through 2014

Defending world champion Sebastian Vettel has resigned with Red Bull Racing and will remain with the team until 2014.

Sebastian Vettel, the young world champion from Germany has committed his future to Red Bull Racing, the team in which he helped take to the top of the Formula One, surpassing legends like Ferrari and McLaren.

There have been numerous reports about Vettel’s future, linking him to Ferrari and Mercedes GP. Now, it seems the youngest driver to ever win a world championship is going to continue to sport the red and blue until 2014.

He said: "The reason why I'll stay until 2014 with Red Bull Racing is that I feel very comfortable in the team. I am proud to be part of the team, and I am proud of what we have archived so far and will achieve together in the future."

Vettel has been with Red Bull in one form or another for some time now. He signed with the teams driver development program back in 1998 and he piloted a Scuderia Toro Rosso from 2007 till 2009. In 2008, he won the team’s first grand prix in Italy, the only win that Toro Rosso has to this day. Last year, Vettel became world driver’s champion, taking the title from his teammate Mark Webber, as well as Ferrari driver and double world champion Fernando Alonso.

This signing will help put rumors to rest about the future of the Red Bull Racing team. The Formula One team has locked up their designer, Adrian Newey, and a few other members of the staff have also had their contracts extended. That being said Webber has yet to resign and his deal is set to expire at the end of the 2011-racing season.

Before the emergence of Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing was a mid pack team with drivers like David Coulthard and Christian Klien netting the team very few points. The team’s first ever win came in China in 2009, as Vettel took the checkered in the rain soaked race.

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