Porsche To Unveil Semper Vivus At Geneva Motor Show

Porsche will unveil the Semper Vivus, which is a 111 year old hybrid, at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Motor shows, like the Geneva Motor Show, are used to show off the latest and greatest the automotive world has to offer. From concept cars to new technology, these events are held as a big show and tell for the world’s automakers. So, when a company brings out something that’s over 100 years old to debut at one of these events, it seems a bit odd.

Porsche has just announced that they will be brining the world’s first hybrid to the Geneva Motor Show. The hybrid in question is 111 years old.

Along time ago, around 1900, Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche unveiled the world’s first full-hybrid vehicle. It was called the Semper Vivus, which stood for ‘always alive’ in English.

In order to commemorate the event, Porsche has been diligently working to recreate the Semper Vivus at the Porsche Museum. Now, after four years, the project is complete and the hybrid is ready for its motor show debut.

The Porsche Semper Vivus will make its world debut on the Geneva Motor Show stage along side the Panamera S Hybrid, which it will certainly blow away on the track. In fact, how amazing would it be if that little old hybrid could take on a Toyota Prius on the racetrack?

The big star of the Porsche show will be the Panamera S Hybrid, which like the Cayenne S Hybrid, will feature a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 with an electric motor. In total, the setup will churn out 380 horsepower.

The Earth will hug the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid as it goes by, only releasing around 159 g/km of CO2 along the way. This is, without a doubt, the most efficient Porsche of all time.

Stay tuned as the coverage of the Geneva Motor Show is only heating up, as it will kick off next week.


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