Porsche To Introduce New Model Every Year; Panamera Coupe

Porsche has expansion fever and are looking to add a new model to their product lineup every single year, which might include a new sports car and a Panamera Coupe.

Porsche was once a small-automaker with a few sports cars that appealed to enthusiasts and young boys with posters on their walls. Yet, that same company has been bitten by the growth bug and now, Porsche features an SUV, a sedan and numerous different sports car models that are aimed at world domination.

Porsche’s expansion dreams don't stop there though, as they hope to sell 200,000 units by 2018. Last year, the automaker sold around 97,000 models; so needless to say, Porsche is going to need something special to put a jolt in those sales numbers.

Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has an ingenious plan to do just that and it involves creating at least one new model every single year.

“Each year we want to celebrate a major event, namely bring a new Porsche to market,” Mueller said to Automotive News. “We are also revising and improving existing products and looking to see what would bolster Porsche’s image in terms of healthy growth.”

First up on the list will be the new Cajun SUV, as well as the 918 supercar, although the latter might not be a hot seller due to the price tag. Following those two will be a numerous Panamera variants.

“I can imagine a long-wheelbase version [of the Panamera], especially for growing markets such as China and Russia. We also think that a plug-in hybrid concept would fit well with the Panamera. And there are many more ideas out there, like a two-door Panamera that makes even more of a coupe-like impression, and so on,” Mueller said.

Porsche is also looking at creating a new sports car to slot between the famous 911 and the new 918, although not much has been said about this new machine and details remain sketchy.

While Porsche has not released any sales projections for 2011, Mueller stated that he is aiming for 100,000 units sold.

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