Parody Ford F-150 Ad Should Be Super Bowl Commercial

With Volkswagen, Chevrolet and Hyundai all submitting their Super Bowl commercials, some people have followed suit with a hilarious advertisement for the F-Series truck parody.

Ford has been advertising their famous F-150 truck with great success. The recent commercials feature a deep voice in the background, with words and designs flowing all over the screen. While these commercials are entertaining and far better than those Howie Long bits Chevrolet came up with, they are a tad intrusive.

It’s not Ford’s fault, every automaker bombards viewers with facts and figures upon the release of a new vehicle. They explain how their vehicle can tow more, haul more and get better fuel mileage than the competition. For the new F-150, some Ford lovers have gone a different route.

While Toyota’s Tundra might be able to climb a burning circular road, the new Ford F-Series can tow 18 other trucks and make a good home for a beached whale. Ferd F-Teenthousand, as it’s being called, comes with chest hair upholstery and a beard in the glove box. In fact, the Ford F-150 and other F-Series trucks are so big and beefy, that the United States government has classified them as tanks, and not just one tank, but eight tanks.

Could this be the best advertisement ever for a truck? The answer to that question is a massive, yes. Not only does the ad display the truck in a positive light, but it also makes viewers laugh and in a world where that doesn’t happen too often from commercials, these good folks have done the job.

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I have seen this commercial its really good and some thing different