NYPD Issues Nearly $1 Million In Parking Fines Due To Snow

It seems life in New York City isn’t as glamorous as one might think, as the NYPD can sure ruffle some feathers, as the department issued around $400,000 in fines for cars stuck in snow.

After two-weeks of consistent snow, motorists must dig their cars out of the white stuff in order to avoid fines. Already, 9,910 parking tickets have been issued for a grand total of $437,000.

The NYPD issued these parking violations to let the Department of Sanitation clear snow from the side streets, but the New York Post stated that most of the streets went unplowed, making those tickets, in the end, pointless.

"If they wanted to get it out, they could get it out," Robert Sinclair, a spokesperson for the NYPD said. "I can understand the difficulty, but you have to do it. That's life in the big city."

That’s certainly one way to put it, but honestly, how can the NYPD ticket people for their vehicles being stuck in the snow. Still, at this point in time, those that haven’t dug out their cars must not have jobs or anything to do with their lives.

On an average day, 5,460 tickets are issued in New York City, which is around $241,000 of revenue for the city. This means that those fines given to the snow covered car drivers nearly doubled average day’s income for the city.

It seems that this might not be a big deal, expect for the fact that the streets were never plowed and that’s the excuse the city used for issuing these tickets. Either way, with little sympathy from the NYPD, drivers are just going to have to open their wallets up and pay the fines.

Next time, be sure to check when the Alternate side parking rules go into effect, to avoid this kind of situation.

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