Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class To Feature Three Variants

Mercedes-Benz might create three different versions of the new A-Class, including a shooting brake version.

The small car segment is a vast one, with numerous offerings from automakers around the world. Mercedes-Benz has yet to get a taste of success in this cutthroat segment, but they hope to change that with the new A-Class, which according to reports, might feature three variants.

Mercedes-Benz has already announced that they have big plans for the A-Class and B-Class, as the platform that underpins them will be used to form the base of a compact SUV and a four-door coupe. Yet, before that occurs, Automotive News Europe is reporting that three versions of the A-Class might be created.

During a phone interview with Automotive News Europe, Mercedes-Benz marketing chief Joachim Schmidt stated that Mercedes-Benz is looking at a shooting brake, convertible and a three-door version of the new A-Class. These different variants will undoubtedly help the German automaker is luring customers away from BMW and Audi, but it could also assist them in lowering their CO2 emissions, something that is of great importance in this day and age.

"We've got some more ideas, for example a three-door version of the A class, a convertible or a shooting brake," Mercedes-Benz sales and marketing head Joachim Schmidt told Automotive News Europe. No decision has been made yet, according to Schmidt.

Currently, with high-performance engines coming out of Mercedes-Benz like rain in spring, the automaker will need these small vehicles to met the ever-tightening European Union emission standards.

The second generation B-Class will be launched first and will arrive in dealerships in late 2011.

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