The Next Chevrolet Aveo will Go By The Name Sonic

Chevrolet has been storming ahead of the competition in recent months. This success can be attributed to their new products, such as the Cruze, which we found to be far better than the vehicles offered from Toyota and Honda and now, the company will look to continue their success with the new Sonic.

The Cruze is only the first step for Chevrolet, as the Aveo is next on the overhaul list. Like Cobalt, the Aveo was seen as a dreadful piece of automotive engineering and in order to change public perception, a name change was in order. Chevrolet picked the name Cruze for the new Cobalt, while the new Aveo will go under the name Sonic.

The Sonic nameplate will be the car’s global tag and was patented on October 9th, according to the US Trademark records.

Many thought that the new Aveo would go under the name ‘Viva’, as that’s what it was called during development. Turns out, that hunch was wrong.

Many expect to the new Sonic to look similar to the Spark. The stacked double-circle tail lights, rear hatch/spoiler area and sloping roof line are all very similar between the two compact cars. One difference will be size, as the Sonic will be a tad larger than the Spark.

The interior is also similar to the Spark, but there are a few subtle differences. Most of the interior leans towards Chevy's new interior brand identity.

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