New Information On Jaguar's Baby XF

More details have finally been revealed about Jaguar’s new BMW 3-Series fighter.

Rumors have been swirling around the web that Jaguar is contemplating a 3-Series fighter. The sedan would slot beneath the glorious XF and most likely take design cues from it.

The English automaker attempted to take on the entry-level German sedan with the X-Type and although it wasn’t that bad to drive, it was terribly unreliable and built with parts from a Ford. One can be sure that Jaguar will not repeat those previous mistakes, at least one can hope.

If Tata Motors, the Indian company that owns Jaguar, give the project the green light, the new baby Jag could come in a sedan and coupe form. This would give Jaguar the ability to go head-to-head with BMW and Mercedes, as well as produce a high quality machine on a budget, something a smaller company like Jaguar would need to do.

Jaguar and its buyers are aiming to recreate the gorgeously designed XF and XJ, while maintaining craftsmanship and elegance. In order to take the German sedan-machine, Jaguar is going to need to create a vehicle that is modern, sleek and build to the utmost perfection. A good bit of marketing should help the cause as well.

Sadly, this new project is a ways off and those looking forward to a baby Jaguar are going to have to wait. Some have indicated that it’s going to be four years or more before the vehicle actually shows up. This will give BMW, Audi and Mercedes plenty of time in order to prepare for the British invasion, something they probably wished they had many years ago.

It’s going to be hard to wait for something that could look as good as the work of art that is the XF and XJ, but all one can hope is that it will be worth the wait.


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