2011 Infiniti M Sedan

Mitsubishi To Offer Infiniti M Based Sedan In US?

Mitsubishi might be planning to launch a version of the Infiniti M sedan in order to fill the premium sedan hole in their product lineup, but will it be sold here in the United States.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi is looking to sell a rebadged version of the Infiniti M sedan, while that has won numerous members of the media over with its stellar good looks and brilliant driving dynamics.

Mitsubishi, who once contemplated pulling out of the United States market, would use the Infiniti M as a premium luxury car in their lineup in Japan. That being said, Automotive News is reporting that Mitsubishi's President, Osamu Masuko, stated that the company would not make a deal with other automaker in order to expand in American lineup, so the chances of a luxury Mitsubishi in the United States is slim.

Now, obviously a luxury Mitsubishi would sell as fast as a shot of syphilis, but with such a poor product offering on the table, what does the company have to lose? The Galant is the only midsize sedan in the Japanese automaker’s lineup that could be considered remotely luxury and let’s face it, that sedan is a tad too dull for the taste of Americans.

Automotive News is reporting that the Mitsubishi luxury sedan could go on sale in Japan as early as this year. The gas version should be the first out, but there have been rumors that state the company might sell a version of the M Hybrid.

Mitsubishi is no stranger to luxury sedans, as they offered the Diamante many years ago. This sedan, like most of the automaker’s offerings, suffered from lackluster sales. During the mid-2000s when the company was suffering from financial woes, the luxury car was put on hold, as was the development of a new model.

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