Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X To Be Final Evo

Today, Mitsubishi announced that the Lancer Evolution X would be the last of the breed and that the Evo franchise was coming to a close.

This is a report that is simply heart crushing, as according to Gayu Eusegi, head of global product development for Mitsubishi, the Lancer Evolution X will be the last Evo that the company builds.

The Lancer Evolution X, and the entire Evolution franchise for that matter, has been stunningly good and part of the reason why people still care about Mitsubishi. Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for the Evo, is there anything else that they make that people want to buy?

So, instead of focusing on the Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishi will instead look to the future and focus on electric vehicle technology. According to Autocar, the Japanese automaker will release eight fully electric or hybrid-electric vehicles by the year 2015. Sadly, the Lancer Evolution has no place in a world of electric vehicles, tree hugging or environmental hippies.

Despite the Lancer Evolution’s massive popularity, the automaker isn’t scared of taking such a drastic step and they feel that their customers will understand and rally behind the brand. They hope to increase environmental awareness within the car buying public by destroying a rally legend and until the world goes electric, the Evo will be a distant memory.

"Maybe the world can change, and maybe someday we can do a motor race by electric vehicles. Maybe then we can enter the market again," Eusegi said.

There have been numerous reports that have speculated that the Evo XI would be a hybrid vehicle. That would ensure better fuel economy, but at the same time keep up the performance. That might still be in the cards, but Autocar is not known for making stuff up or hiding the truth, so the Evolution might just be dead.

That being said, there is a chance that Eusegi was stating that the internal combustion engine Evolution is dead, but that sometime in the future, it might return with batteries in the trunk, which could help weight distribution.


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