Lexus To Show Off Tuned CT 200H At Chicago Auto Show

Lexus stated that it would be showing some performance-oriented vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show in a few weeks to emphasize environmentally friendly performance machines.

Lexus, a company not known for speed or anything thrilling for that matter, will attempt to woo customers with some high-performance environmentally friendly vehicles at this year’s Chicago Auto Show.

Two other vehicles being displayed will be the LFA supercar and the CT 200h hybrid hatchback with some fancy performance bits. What is ironic about this is the fact that only one of these machines is actually sporty and it’s certainly not the tree-hugging hybrid.

The event is being called the “Darker Side of Green”, in which the CT2 200h will be fitted with various performance accessories to make it look like its moving fast even when standing still. The model will be called the Five Axis Project CT, which sounds like a rock band. The car will feature items like a coilover suspension, 19-inch forged alloy wheels and a suede interior.

The fancy CT will be shown at the auto show along side some of the company’s other green vehicles that were shown at the SEMA show in 2010, including 0-60 magazine’s GS 450h, Fox Marketing’s LS 600h L and the VIP Auto Salon’s LS 600h L and their HS 250h.

The Five Axis Project CT will follow in a somewhat long line of vehicles from the company, including upgraded Toyota, Lexus and Scion models.

In addition to this, Lexus will have a stand dedicated to their F Sport accessory lineup, which can turn even the blandest IS sedan into something that looks like a street rocket. Although one has to wonder why they would spend all that money of the F Sport stuff when they can just have the IS-F.

The Chicago Auto Show will be on February 11 through the 20, while our coverage will take place through the 9 and 10.


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