Lexus Has Bad January Sales; BMW, Mercedes Thrive

The once unrivaled Lexus could be overtaken by Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the sales department very soon.

Toyota’ luxury brand, Lexus, has had a dominating 11-years on top of the luxury car sales board, but for numerous reasons, the company could be hurled downward by the invading Germans.

While this isn’t set in stone, if Lexus’s January sales are any indication, their reign on the top of the throne might be over. The automaker reported a decline of 17 percent in the sales department last month with just 12,860 deliveries.

At this point, one might point out that there are still 11-months to go in the sales year before the final numbers are in, but considering Toyota’s recent troubles, it’s hard to imagine Lexus getting back on its feet in time to take down the German threat.

Leading the charge into Japan was BMW, who posted a 21 percent gain of 15,905 units sold. This might be due to the new 5-Series and the ever-dominate 3-Series. It could also be down to the X1, which has been selling like hot cakes, which has resulted in over capacity production facilities and a delay in the American launch.

Mercedes-Benz grew 11 percent in the United States, as it sold 16,396 units. Of course, the new E-Class and C-Class are part of the reason, as they have become an everyday sight on America’s road network. Not that this is a bad thing; the E-Class is much better to stare at in traffic than the Chevrolet Cobalt.

“Lexus had a very strong push through the end of 2010,” Bob Carter, Toyota’s group vice president for U.S. sales, said. “Some business for January got pulled into December.”

So, it seems Toyota’s troubles have finally caught up to the big Japanese giant. Of course, the quote above would indicate otherwise, but the American public knows better.

There are still 11-months to go and it seems the race is just heating up.

[Automotive News]

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