Lancia To Use Chrysler 300 As Base For New Thema

According to a new report in Automotive News, Lancia is planning on using the Chrysler 300’s architecture for a vehicle that might be shown at the Geneva Motor Show.

The sedan will be called the Thema and it will be shown along side the Ypsilon in March. There aren’t many details at this point in time, but it is clear that the automaker isn’t planning on creating a lot of them. Reports are indicating that Lancia is looking to sell around 10,000 to 15,000 Thema models per year, which might be more than enough.

Lancia has had quite an interesting history and despite being featured as the best brand of all time on Top Gear, the company hasn’t sold much in recent years. After the Beta debacle in 1980, the company’s sales tanked and they left the UK in 1994.

Ever since their return, Lancia’s have been rebadged Fiats and have failed to catch on. The Thesis was discontinued after just 16,000 units were sold from 2002 to 2009.

Lancia is hoping to capitalize on the success of the 300, but one has to wonder if that will actually work. Sure, the 300 was popular in the United States, but it never really caught on in Europe and sales have declined each year since 2006, as a new model is on the way in the US.

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