Lamborghini Seriously Considering Estoque Sedan

There aren't many people that would say no to a Lamborghini sedan and it seems that the Italian automaker is fully aware of this, as the Estoque is still under serious review.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has recently confirmed that the Estoque sedan is still being considered for production and if the company hopes to compete with Aston Martin and Porsche, the Estoque is key.

Rumors have been heard a few times that the Estoque was being considered, but it's only recently that one can feel confident that the sedan will head for the production lines. Winkelmann revealed to Autocar that the company was looking into a sedan or an SUV for a third model and the sedan was in the lead.

"We really have a choice when it comes to an additional model: an SUV or a four-seat four-door,” Winkelmann said. “And for me the SUV is a no-go. It doesn’t exist in our price segment, and it’s not a real luxury car.”

The Estoque was not confirmed by the company's CEO, but it seems like it was on the tip of his tongue. Even if the sedan is built, it should be a few years off, so expect to see something around 2014 or 2015.

Lamborghini has admitted that this vehicle would be ideal for the Chinese market, where luxury high-performance sedans are a big hit. That being said, Winkelmann did say that these models would not go against Lamborghini's core values.

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