KIA Unveils KV7 Concept at 2011 Detroit Auto Show with Computer

One company that has recently begun to rise up in the world of automotive design is Kia and its parent company, Hyundai, with gorgeously sculpted designs, the most recent being the KV7 Concept that was shown at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

The Kia Soul, that boxy small machine loved by hamsters, was the automakers first step to a real design language, a term tossed around by Japanese companies like Mazda. The KV7 takes most of its cues from the Soul that was shown in 2007 as a concept vehicle. That being said, this new machine is larger than the Soul and appears to be a shrunken Ford Flex with gullwing doors.

It’s clear that this new Kia is an attempt to revolutionize the van industry. Many companies have attempted this by making the van less van like, and by this we mean more curvaceous. Kia has gone in the opposite direction, just as they did with the Soul and have created a box on wheels with retro design cues for the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

Like the Soul concept, the KV7 features a rounded hood and flared fenders. The front of the vehicle features the same grille and headlights as the 2011 Optima. Of course, being a concept, the headlights have been hidden with black accents surrounded by aluminum bits.

The more interesting aspects of the KV7’s exterior are the doors, as the fronts are suicide and the rear doors are gullwing. These bits will likely be removed if this model ever sees the production lines, but they are great fun to admit on the showroom floor.

The interior of the KV7 is pure fantasy, with four rotating captain’s chairs, meaning that every person in the vehicle can face each other, although we wouldn’t recommend this for the driver if the vehicle is moving. When stopped, the car can become a lounge with WiFi and an onboard rear tabletop-video display. So, if you can’t find a good restaurant in the middle of Akron, Ohio – and believe us that will happen – just pull over and connect to the web to find one.

The other interior features include a moveable dashboard that can retract six inches for more passenger space, a rear mini-lounge and plenty of storage areas.

Now, just because the chairs swivel and the dashboard retracts, don’t think that this machine won’t work. The KV7 features a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four that will produce 285 horsepower. So, put the pedal down and the chairs might swivel back.

It seems that Kia’s aim to recreate the van hasn’t worked at all. It only seats four people and features technology that most kids would destroy, but what they have done is create a Starbucks on wheels, with comfortable chairs and a futuristic look that could only be shown at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

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