Jaguar To Create BMW 1-Series Rival

The Jaguar 3-Series has been public knowledge for some time now, but it seems the English automaker might have a BMW 1-Series rival within the decade.

The baby Jaguar was a title given to the company’s BMW 3-Series rival, but that name might not apply anymore, as the automaker is working on something even smaller. The premium hatchback market is highly competitive, or at least it will be very soon, and Jaguar is hoping to join in the compact fun with a rival to the BMW 1-Series.

According to Auto Express, Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand directory, stated, “We won’t have a 1-Series-sized car for five to 10 years, but we’re working on some compelling alternative body styles that are anti-German luxury car establishment.”

Jaguar’s 1-Series rival will take the outstanding Jaguar design elements that made the XF and the XJ so stunning and shrink them down to a more compact size. With gas prices expected to rise over the next few years and carbon emission regulations tightening up, this new machine is quintessential to Jaguar’s long-term success.

A pair of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, one gas and one diesel, according to the magazine, could power the Jaguar 1-Series. Auto Express also believes that the underpinnings will be from the Range Rover Evoque, the newest compact crossover in the company’s arsenal.

The baby Jaguar 1-Series will likely be front-wheel drive only, although rear-wheel drive will be preferred for those that are performance enthusiasts Prices should start around £20,000 and one can only hope that this machine will be offered in the United States.

Auto Express is also reporting that before the baby Jaguar is launched, a revised XF will be released later this year. The company is also working on the 2014 XF and XK. There is even a rumor circulating around that says the company is working on an XJ Coupe.

While that last statement is a serious rumor, this new Jaguar 1-Series seems to be real and should arrive within the next 10 years.

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