Italian Designer Goes Over The Top With Fiat 500

Sometimes going over the top is wonderful, like owning a nice house, two Lamborghinis, a Ferrari, a Range Rover Supercharged and a Challenger II battle tank. Yet, sometimes, one can take it a bit too far, which is clearly the case with somebody in the world’s most populous country, China.

The Fiat 500 has yet to arrive in the United States, but many around the world already love the cute little hatchback. It packs Italian-style, a fun to drive attitude and the ability to park in any space on the green Earth. On top of that, the car is less than $20,000. Of course, more is always better when it comes to cars, so why not spend $30,000 on the Abarth version. After all, it is much faster and turns the 500 into a rocket-powered shoebox. One would imagine that $30,000 would be the max, but somebody in China spent $670,000 on their 500.

Of course, when something costs as much as a house, it’s bound to be special. This 500 was designed by Fenice Milano, an Italian studio that is no stranger to handcrafting interesting designs into cars.

The studio took a 500C Abarth Convertible and covered in 24k gold flakes, turning the car into a nightmare. It’s hard to tell what color the paint is, but one can probably find a similar color in the baby food aisle at the grocery store. The interior has been given the 24k gold treatment with diamond-studded iPad docking in the dashboard. Luckily, it does pack some punch, as the base 140 horsepower engine was cranked up to 200 horses.

The end result is simply ghastly. Like having stone lions flank a driveway with a gold fence, this is just over the top. Despite the worth of gold, it’s highly unlikely that this 500 will hold its resale value.

[Fenice Milano]

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