Infiniti To Unveil Three-Door Coupe At Geneva Motor Show

For years, Infiniti has lacked a front-wheel drive small car, but all that might change at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, as the company might introduce a vehicle that will carry their traditional driving values.

Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti, has lacked a small front-wheel drive vehicle for ages, but in Geneva, the automaker is planning on unveiling such a vehicle with Mercedes-Benz power under the hood.

According to inside sources via Autocar, the Infiniti will ride on the same underpinnings as the Renault Megane, which is a good state considering how well that machine drives. Yet, while the underbody will be pure Megane, from the top up will be very different indeed. The Japanese automaker is planning on creating a three-door coupe with styling cues from the Essence show car.

Under the hood will sit a Mercedes-Benz’ 1.8-liter direct injected and turbocharged four-cylinder. Looking at similar setups around the auto world and one can speculate that this motor will have around 200 horsepower with carbon emissions around 178g/km.

This Mercedes-Benz tie was created recently, as the German automaker will gain access to Renault-Nissan’s electric vehicle technology and some of the automaker’s smaller gas engines. In exchange, Mercedes will provide four-cylinder technology to the company. This might not be the last heard about this partnership, as Infiniti is looking into the Mercedes S-Class. The Japanese automaker is very interested in the sedan and they would apply it to their hybrid system currently in place in the M sedan.

Currently, the entry-level Infiniti is the G sedan, so this new vehicle will be very important to the company’s European endeavors. It remains to be seen if they will bring the model to the United States market, but one can only hope.

Infiniti is new to the European market, as they just introduced themselves in 2008.


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