Infiniti To Sponsor Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

Infiniti will sponsor the world constructor's champion Red Bull Racing during the 2011 Formula One season.

Red Bull Racing is reaping the rewards of success, as the Japanese automaker Infiniti has announced that it will be sponsoring the Formula One team.

This is the first time that Infiniti has signed on to be a global sponsor of any kind, as previously they went with regional sports, such as tennis and sailing. Yet, with their introduction into Europe, Infiniti will look to expand themselves globally, says global marketing communications chief Simon Sproule.

"Infiniti has launched in Europe and is going into Russia, India and China, just as F1 has done, so it's a good fit for us," says Sproule.

The sponsorship is logical for many reasons, not just the ones that are stated above. Red Bull use Renault engines and Nissan currently has a global alliance with the French automaker.

Not only did Red Bull have a good 2010, but Infiniti did as well, as they saw their United States sales jump by 27 percent to 103,000 units sold. Yet, Nissan is looking for more, as they have expanded the Infiniti brand into other regions and a global sport such as Formula One will only help that cause, as Formula One fans are avid auto lovers for the most part.

Red Bull on the other hand, had a better year. Throughout the season their car was very fast and qualifying proved to be just another walk in the park for the team. Mark Webber had a career year, while his teammate Sebastian Vettel was the world driver’s champion. The team took home the constructors title, beating out the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

Red Bull, as an industry, has a massive appeal throughout the world, said Sproule. The beverage company sponsors many sports, such as football and numerous other extreme sports. They also have a broad appeal to youth that might want day aspire to an Infiniti.

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