Hyundai Releases Three Super Bowl Commercials

Today seems to be Super Bowl commercial day, as Volkswagen unveiled its ads and now, Hyundai has followed suit, one of which has already been seen.

Those advertising masters over at Hyundai have launched a set of three Super Bowl commercials that will rival Volkswagen and the many other car brands for automotive attention. During the holidays, the Korean automaker dazzled us with a two person musical group and their renditions of Christmas songs. For the biggest football game of the year, Hyundai is switching it up.

The ads for the Hyundai Elantra began running two weeks earlier during the NFL Conference Championship games with a very hypnotizing message. The automaker is trying to convey the message that Americans have been programming into thinking that compact cars should be cramped and poor to drive and should “snap out of it”. The new 40-mpg Elantra is Hyundai’s attempt to deprogram Americans.

The first Hyundai Sonata Hybrid advertisement is quite a shot at Ford and Toyota. It shows a big city with people using old technology, such as large phones and old computers. Hyundai claims that we should never settle for the first thing that comes along, which seems to be a jab at the Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The people at TorqueNews aren’t exactly marketing gurus, but the ad goes well to portray Hyundai’s message. The scenes of bikes with enormous front wheels, a man carrying a stereo turntable around his neck and that old workout machine that vibrates you are all brilliant. In a way, this spot is better than the two for the Elantra.

These ads will air during the Super Bowl and were created by Hyundai’s in-house marketing agency, Innocean. Scroll down to see the three ads in their entirety.


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