Honda Unveils Quieter 2012 Accord, Acura

Honda's venerable Accord has undergone some detail changes for the world market, including a new diesel engine. The European Accord will be shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Under the Accord’s hood is a 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel four-cylinder engine that has been overhauled to reduce internal friction. This will help improve the engine’s fuel economy and emissions. Honda has also added underbody panels and a larger front air dam, which has helped drop C02 emissions by 9 g/km on the manual version and 11 k/gm on the auto.

Those that worry about the rattle of a diesel will sleep soundly, as Honda has incorporated higher density foam sound deadening and thicker glass to help keep that farmyard sound out.

The exterior of the Accord has been equipped with active cornering headlights, automatic-dimming high beams and a new front grille. Around back, Honda has given the sedan some chrome and upgraded taillights. The new exterior can be covered in three new colors consisting of Alabaster Silver, Graphite Lustre and Celestial Blue Pearl.

The sport-tuned Type S model will get new half-leather seats and a black headliner, but considering Honda’s retiree reputation in Europe, chances are the Accord Type-S won’t be a major hit. Normal models will receive an upgrade in materials and door linings, as well as, what Honda says, is a change of ambience in the cabin. This change might be due to the footwell lighting on most models. The area will feature a blue illumination when the lights are on, while the Type-S model will get red footwell lighting.

The chassis has been reworked as well, to cope with the roads of Europe. Honda says that the redone dual mode dampers will help with high-speed stability on the highway, as well as ride quality around town.

The new Accord will be unveiled officially at the Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale across Europe in April. The styling reflects the TSX, so perhaps some of the changes we see here might make their way onto the Acura sedan.


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