Honda Restarts Development Of NSX Sports Coupe

The never ending soap opera involving the Honda, or Acura, NSX has just taken another dramatic turn, although this time tears won’t roll down cheeks and heads won’t spin, as the Japanese automaker has finally come to its senses.

Honda has finally, after months and even years of anticipation and heartache, decided to restart development of the NSX sports coupe. That’s right Honda lovers; the automaker dug through its rubbish pile and decided to continue working on the legendary vehicle many thought Honda tossed in the bin.

Honestly though, can you blame the Honda NSX lovers of the world for thinking such thoughts. The once sporty Honda has lost its way and become, what basically is an alternative to Toyota. The fun to drive Accord is now a bit to plump for romping around corners and the Civic has been outclassed by the vehicles it once inspired.

Honda company president Takashi Ito has announced that he’s jump-starting development of the NSX for the first time since 2008. Two years ago, the project was entitled HSV-010 and Honda was attempting to enter the vehicle into the Japanese Super GT Series.

Two years later the world has evolved and left Honda pulling up its pants and chasing after the others. Lexus has created the ultra-expensive but ultra-fast LFA, Mercedes has brought out the SLS AMG and Nissan has the wonderfully brilliant GT-R. Even the Chevrolet Corvette has been given a new lease on life with the addition of the ZR1 model. Hard to imagine a company simply ignoring the pack, but Honda has done it before and for a while there, many thought they would do it again.

Now, it’s best to take this news about the Honda NSX with a grain of salt. Honda has done this to its fans before, raising hopes and anticipations, only to crush them with their kung-fu smash. This time, the automotive world is begging you Honda, please don’t back down this time.

[Japanese Nostalgic Car]

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