Honda To Redesign CR-V For 2012, Explaining CR-V Silence

In a recent report, Honda announced that they would be launching an all-new CR-V crossover this fall for the 2012 model year.

Honda’s United States sales have been dropping of late and the Japanese automaker is placing all their hopes in the crossover and light truck market. According to Automotive News, the North American market was the only place in which Honda saw its sales grow during the last quarter.

This sales jump was due to the new Odyssey and the CR-V and now that the minivan has been redone, Honda is hoping to add a new spark into the CR-V crossover. Many believe that the new model will debut by the fall and will be for the 2012 model year. Honda has stated that the CR-V will be a complete generational model change, but they have not yet released any details on the machine.

Honda, along with Toyota, has been hurting as of late. The Japanese automaker had its sales fall around seven percent, with operating profits falling by 29 percent. Honda is placing all of its marbles on the light truck market in the United States and they hope that this move will boost their sales to 1.28 million by the end of the year.

This announcement explains the lack of updates for the 2010 and 2011 Honda CR-V models. For 2011, Honda managed to get more power out of the engine, around 14 horses, as well as an updated grille. Still, compared to the competition, the CR-V looks a bit dated.

This is an interesting move by Honda, who once focused on the small car market with vehicles like the Civic and CR-X. Perhaps a completely revamped Civic, a redone CR-Z and an overhauled Accord might be a better route to take than overhauling a vehicle that might become obsolete with high gas prices.

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Is 2012 crv all new or just facelift ?
I think we are going to see same type of model with some modifications. They even did not release any informatin which is very strange.....