Honda Fit Overtakes Toyota Prius For Sales Crown

Toyota’s little hybrid sensation, the Prius, has been dominating in Japan like some sort of Godzilla, but it seems that run is over, having been forced down to second place by a rival company.

The Toyota Prius has been a brilliant vehicle for the automaker in its home country and has sold in the millions throughout the world. Yet, Honda has dealt the company another blow by knocking it down a peg with their Fit hatchback, which is much more traditional and much less expensive.

After being redesigned two years ago, the Toyota Prius saw its sales skyrocket and for good reason. The third-generation Prius looks better, drives better and features more equipment than before. Not to mention the insanely good fuel mileage. Yet, that was before, where as this year, the Prius has fallen out of favor in Japan. Toyota’s big rival, Honda, has taken control of the top spot in the sales charts with the Fit, which makes much more sense, as the Prius is a large and rather expensive vehicle in a country where small cars usually dominate.

“I don’t know [if it is because] our sales grew or the Prius sales dropped, but I don’t really mind,” said Honda President Takanobu Ito.

Honda sold 14,873 Fits in January and around half were fitted with hybrid motors. Toyota managed to shift around 13,711 Prius models and each one, obviously, featured batteries.

This is the second time that the Honda Fit has been number one in the Japanese sales charts, as it held the spot in March of 2009, before getting knocked off by Toyota and their Prius. In total, Honda has sold 3.5 million Fits in July 2010, where as Toyota has sold around two million in September of 2010.

On top of this sales dominance, the Honda Fit has won numerous awards, including Japan Car of the Year in 2001-2002 and 2007-2008. It was the best small car according to Top Gear in 2006 and the Best Hatchback for the Money by U.S. News and World Report.


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