Honda Debuts The New 2012 Civic In Detroit

With Hyundai, Ford and General Motors introducing new compact vehicles, Honda needed to respond and what better way than to redesign the Civic. For its ninth-generation, the Civic is getting an updated exterior and an improved interior.

The Civic Coupe, the boy racers favorite vehicle, will likely keep the same overall look when it comes time for production. That means that the new Civic Coupe will look like the Accord Coupe’s little brother, as both share a similar design.

Four-door shoppers will get a vehicle that looks similar to the 2011 Civic. There are minor changes, such as bits of the front fascia, but the grille and headlights appear unchanged. The rear of the car has been updated with new tail lamps and a redesigned trunk deck.

"The Civic is known for providing a balance of 'just-right' packaging, fun-to-drive character and outstanding fuel economy, at a price that even first-time buyers can afford," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "The redesigned Civic builds on this legacy and promises to be the best Civic yet."

In the environmental department, Honda says that for the first time, all 50 states will be able to receive the natural gas version of the Civic. In other green news, the Civic Hybrid will carry lithium-ion batteries instead of the old nickel-metal hydride.


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