Honda Civic Remains Top Seller With 2012 Civic Coming Soon

The 2012 Honda Civic is almost here, but for the time being Americans are stuck with the current, rather bland version. Yet, one look at the sales charts makes one wonder, is that such a bad thing?

One look at the current sales charts and one would never know that the 2012 Civic is close to being launched. The current, 2011 Honda Civic might not turn heads anymore, in fact it might turn them the opposite way, but it had a record sales month in December and has been a top 10 seller in the United States for many years.

What’s the reason for this? Well, Honda has stuck with a simple formula that involves reliability, good fit and finish, a quality and fuel-efficient engine and a comfortable interior. For the average American, this is all it takes for sales success.

That being said, the 2011 Honda Civic isn’t what one would call cheap. The base Civic DX comes in at $16,355 with a 140 horsepower four-cylinder and a manual transmission. The lowest starting price in Civic sedan range in $16,555, while prices can climb to $27,900 if one opts for the hybrid with every bell and whistle.

Maybe this is the reason why Honda is getting ready to launch the 2012 Civic. With Volkswagen’s new Jetta coming in at around $15,000, Honda will need to either offer more for the money, or take the price down a tad. Not to mention the fact that the Ford Focus and the Hyundai Elantra are coming with fantastic looks inside and out, not to mention a price that the average person will relish.

While buyers wait till the spring, in the time being, what is Honda left with? The 2011 Honda Civic isn’t exactly what one would call a good-looking car. It’s certainly not repulsive, but by no means is the design a work of art. The coupe is the better looking of the two, as the sedan's rear end just seems out of place in the whole design. The interior is one area that needs to be addressed as well. While it does feel airy and roomy, the two-tier design is aging and not as gracefully as Honda hoped.

Honda is ready to solve these issues in the spring with the new 2012 Honda Civic. It will arrive in many different forms, including conventional sedan and coupe models, sporty "Si" performance versions, as well as hybrid and natural-gas variants. The new Civic hybrid will feature a lithium ion battery cell, the first ever for a Honda hybrid.

The overall look of the car is better, but one has to wonder how much of that will change on the production version. The back end is the largest improvement, as it seems to fit in with the overall design, although it does look quite similar to a Toyota Corolla.

Only time will tell if the 2012 Honda Civic can have as much sales success as the 2011 Civic, but all signs point up. Even with Ford’s new Focus and Hyundai’s Elantra, Honda has the reputation for quality and reliability and that is always something to be considered.

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