GMC Granite Given Green Light For Production?

According to Motor Trend, the GMC Granite has been given the green light for production.

The never-ending saga that is the GMC Granite has just taken another turn. Back some time ago, Motor Trend reported that the Granite concept from the 2010 North American International Auto Show had been given the green light for production. Yet, Motor Trend was wrong, but they did state that they believed the Granite would eventually see the production line.

Well, it seems they’re at it again, as Motor Trend is reporting, yet again, that the GMC Granite has been confirmed for production, according to sources within General Motors. The magazine even said that the Granite would feature a rear-hinged suicide door, similar to the concept, as GM managed to make the setup work.

This new GMC Granite confirmation is said to come from a “well-placed source” within General Motors. The source stated that the Granite would be placed on the same C-segment platform that’s currently used on the Chevrolet Volt, Cruze, Orlando and the Buick Verano.

When the GMC Granite debuted as a concept car, it packed a 138 horsepower 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four, the same engine as the Cruze. That motor was connected to a six-speed manual transmission, although, this being America, it will likely feature an automaker when, and if, it hits dealers lots.

While this engine sounds good enough, Motor Trend suggested that the 2.4-liter four-cylinder from the Buick Verano would also work well. This engine packs 177 horsepower, a substantial upgrade over the 1.4-liter, especially since this vehicle will far outweigh the Cruze.

If Motor Trend is right, the GMC Granite could be here as early as 2013 or 2014 with production starting around late 2012.

Either way, at this point in time GM has yet to confirm any of these rumors. So for the time being, the GMC Granite is still a concept.
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